The Scyldari are sapient race of aquatic mammalians originally from the many archipelagos and vast oceans of

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their homeworld,Scyldaria.

Biology Edit

Before the Scyldarians were the beings many space faring races see today, they were originally non-sapient mammalians similar in appearance with terrestrial otters only being a lot larger. After becoming sapient they still kept many of their residual abilities. The Scyldari can still hold their breathe under water for long periods of time and survive the crushing pressures of deepest depths of the Scyldaria. Scyldari physiology is weaker compared to most species since they were specifically adapted to living in the ocean where gravity isn't as severe as it is on land.

Culture & Government Edit

For most of their early civilized history, Scyldari cities were confined to the sea, only recently have they expanded to small islands dotting their planet. Unlike many civilizations, the Scyldari have figure a way to build an advance industrial economy with out harming their planet's delicate ecosystem. Their philosophy is built upon that of balance and use of moderation, a lesson they have learned over the course of them nursing their limited resources when they still only inhabited their oceans. The Scyldari Confederacy, the Scyldari central government, is a pacificist nation built on trust on democratic ideals. They accept all species and all religious denominations willing to join their people to build a perfect society.

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