Alien Species
Jenosa Arma vs Scurge
Universe Scurge
Homeworld Inos
Average Height Microscopic, but can form thick carpets
Diet Parasitoidic
Sapience Level Non-sapient at the beginning, but has an animal cunning and cruelty until the hive has enough collective intelligence to be fully sapient

The Scurge is a viral mutagen capable of manipulating most biological, energy-based, or mechanical beings it comes across, similar to the X-parasite or the Ing. This manipulation manifests itself in the transformation of the various infected objects into Scurge derivatives. Specially designed weapons and power armor are resistant to the manipulative effect of the virus, however, they only last about five or so minutes until being overwhelmed. Once an organism is assimilated, more hosts of that type can be spawned from the thick carpets of biomatter.

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