Scroop is one of John Silver's gang of intergalactic pirates recruited to serve aboard the spaceship RLS Legacy in her expedition to find the legendary treasure of Captain Flint.

By far the most devious and cruel of the pirates, Scroop has challenged Silver's authority on instances, expressing his desire to start the mutiny far earlier than planned and even taking the opportunity when the ship was going through an emergency captured by a black hole to kill Mr. Arrow, throwing him overboard, and blaming it on Jim Hawkins. Scroop belongs to an unnamed insectoid species with red exoskeleton, large yellow eyes, six spidery legs and two muscular arms armed with crab-like chelae.

After the ship's arrival on Treasure Planet and the semi-successful mutiny, Scroop caught Hawkins on the ship attempting to disarm the cannons and fought him, but when the artificial gravity was accidentally turned off by B.E.N. he floated upwards into space, not being seen again since. His fate is unknown but it is generally accepted that he died asphyxiated in the upper stratosphere.


  • He is voiced by Michael Wincott.
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