Scrapmetals are a robotic species of transformer-like vermin that are somewhat like an Earth locust and Scraplets.


Little is known about where scrapmetals originate from, or why they look very much like transformers. What is known is that they're a dangerous scourge that swarm from planet to planet, devouring everything in their path and now thousands of them have infested the abandoned planet Cybertron

Individually, scrapmetals have only a base animal-level intelligence, and by Cybertron standards are small and weak, easily crushed. However, Scrapmetal are almost never witnessed as individuals, only in large swarms that can overwhelm robots far larger than they through sheer strength of numbers, no matter how many of their own dead they skitter over. They appear to follow the orders of a single sentient Scrapmetal, physically identical to his kin, but just bright enough to make the swarm really dangerous by giving them direction.

Notable Members Edit

  • Cobybot
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