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Scarrans are reptilian humanoids from the Farscape universe. They are an aggressive species led by an Emperor.



Scarran anatomy depends on their breed, as there are several, and one seems to be more human in appearance than any others (this being the highest caste, containing the Emperor).

They have an ability to produce massive amounts of heat from a gland in their chest (the removal of which is usually fatal) and emit it from the palms of their hands, which they use in their torture methods of other species.

Their height varies between different breeds, but an average height would be roughly 6–7 feet tall. In part due to their advantage in size and part to denser muscle tissue (as most reptiles such as crocodiles possess denser muscle tissue to mammals making them pound for pound stronger) they possess superior strength to other species.


One aspect of Scarran culture is to incorporate other species into their military forces or enslave them and force them into acting as engineers, such as the Kalish.

They often come into conflict with the PeaceKeeper corps (or as they are also called, Sebaceans) via their recent "aggressive expansion" into other star systems. Conflicts have included the PeaceKeeper wars.


Scarran dreadnought

The Scarrans, along with their Charrid underlings, have faster than light travel technology on ships. An example of standard Scarran vessel is the dreadnought.

They appear to utilize (as well as their physical arsenal) similar plasma weaponry to the Sebaceans.



Like the Sebeceans they have long sought the power of 'wormhole weapons', a quest which led them to chase the human John Kryton for three years in order to gain the knowledge he possessed. They deemed it so important that during the PeaceKeeper wars Emperor Staleek sent and entire contingent, stating it was "not for the man ..... for the knowledge he posses".

In the build up towards the PeaceKeeper Wars (which occurred eight years ago) they took to recruiting the services of the Charrids, much to the dismay of the Kalish. The Kalish and Charrids shared a great dislike for one another, a dislike that proved to the advantage of Kryton and his crewmates when trying to sabotage the Scarrans supply of a certain plant which was highly important to the Scarrans.