The Scarabs are an alien race from the planet Cheroxe-4 in The Domain Universe.

Biology Edit

The Scarabs are green skinned humanoids, with jutting incisors and skin flaps under their arms. They appear to be reptilian

History Edit

For two decades the Human Domain and the Scarabs have been engaged in a bloody conflict. While the leaders of the Human Domain maintain that the Scarabs initiated the war, the truth of the matter it was the humans that declared war. However a small faction within the Domain wished to a parley, sending their agent Australia Ireland to broker a peace.

The Scarab Queen met with her, and easily deduced that the humans also brought a genetic bomb that could kill. In a test the Queen gave Australia back her device that would activate it in a test, which the human proceeded to activate in a test to where she stood in the war. The Queen however expected such an outcome and overridden the device. Having nothing more to discuss she told her to leave. The human paranoid as to why the alien would let her leave, only received that the alien believed it no longer matter as the current events proved humans to be untrustworthy and that Australia would be dead when she brought news of failure to her corrupt government.

The Scarab Queen offered her in assistance in discrediting Australia's leaders and ending the war peacefully. The two agreedto join forces, right before assassins from the Human Domain arrived to stage a Scarab attack and kill all parties. The two hijacked a ship and planned to take evidence of the deceit to light.

Culture Edit

According to the Scarab Queen her people were forced to become warriors due to humanity's continued aggression.

Appearances Edit

  • The Domain Issue 001 (2017)
  • The Domain Issue 002 (2018)
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