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Scantids are desert-dwelling pseudo-arachnidan with three eyes, four legs, and two stinger-tipped tails indigenous to Korhal IV. Originally, Scantids grew to lengths no greater than 15 centimeters, and were common inhabitants of the deserts of the planet. These repelled their predators with mild venom that caused a mild rash and itching.

With the nuclear ravaging of the planet during a surprise attack by the Terran Confederates, nothing was left alive on the surface of the entire world, although Scantids managed to escape certain doom by inadvertently hiding in their underground communal burrows. However, this survival came at a price, and they were not left unscathed.

The massive radiation now exhibited on the planet changed their species forever, and they now grew to much larger sizes. Their claws are certainly capable of ripping a human being in half while its stingers are now filled with extremely lethal poison. Luckily, they are not innately aggressive and still tend to flee when threatened or injured, as their minds appear to remain intact, giving the instincts of tiny insectoids to giants. With this, their communal instincts also survived intact, and large communities are scattered across the desert surface, with the most notable one existing in an area which has come to be known as Scorpion Ravine.