Saurians are a spacefaring humanoid reptilianoid species and one of the member races of the United Federation of Planets in the 23rd century.

They are lizard-like humanoids with purple skin and bulging yellow eyes; are primarily nocturnal and also possess an inner set of eyelids which allow them to see in the infrared spectrum. Bearing exceptional physical strength, advanced intelligence, four hearts and the ability to breathe multiple types of atmosphere; the Saurian crew member excels as an officer in many ways. Despite this, however, the species is possibly most well known as the makers of the famous Saurian brandy.


  • Most of the information about this species comes from non-canon sources. The only canonical appearance of Saurians occurred as one of the background aliens in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Saurian brandy, however, has been mentioned numerous times on the original series and Deep Space Nine.
  • The Mego released action figure of a Saurian was incorrectly labelled as a "Rigellian".
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