The Saturnians are a sapient amphibious species indigenous to the planet Saturn. They have four arms and a tail which can be used to rest their body weight on. Atmospheric oxygen is noxious to them.

Their technology is highly advanced, allowing them to control machinery and even other people's minds at distance. They have modified their homeworld's natural ring system by making each ring emit a different kind of radiation around the planet and effectively creating a barrier that prevents visitors from approaching without permission. Despite that, they are a mostly peaceful race with the exception of some treacherous individuals, the kind of which tends to exist in most sapient species through the galaxy, much to the shame of their governments.

First contact with the Saturnians was established in the early 22nd by Captain Larry Dart, at which point they agreed to become members of the United Galactic Organization.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64):
    • Ep.08 - "The Rings of Saturn"
    • Ep.22 - "The Miracle Tree of Saturn"
    • Ep.35 - "The Grass of Saturn"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is an apparent continuity error in "The Grass of Saturn", in which the Saturnians claim that oxygen is poisonous to them, but Reega is later seen aboard the Galasphere without wearing any visible protection. Even if the Saturnians have developed some kind of filter or other breathing apparatus which isn't visible externally, it is still puzzling how Reega managed to have access to one, seeing that he was freed from his prison cell on Saturn and went straight into the ship. The most likely explanation would be that Galaspheres are equipped with some kind of inconspicuous breathing apparatus in case of Saturnian visitors, and Reega was given one when he entered on board.
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