Sarkun'hr Magremort

Sarkun'hr Magremort is an ancient entity of unimaginable power in the Ythaq Universe.


Hundreds of millions of years ago Sarkun'hr Magremort reigned as a terror to the galaxy. In his path for dominance he attempted to take control of several worlds belonging to the Targylls. He was unsuccessful. In his failure Sarkun'hr attempted to flee but was chased by the Targylls. 

The Targylls eventually managed to capture him. They sentenced him to eternal imprisonment. Thus four elements which Life is composed of: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth; were taken from him and was abandoned on a world that would serve as his prison.

As Sarkun'hr Magremort crashed on the world, which would be in later years known as Ythaq, he was powerless and rendered immobile. His four vital forces that were taken from him, were vaporized into the ionsphere of the planet an beyond his reach to reclaim. The primordial being swore that his would be free of his prison using the one power he possessed: Hate.

To ensure that the world would remain undiscovered, the Targylls used their science to place the entire planet out of space and time, effectively in another universe. The only way to access Ythaq and the other universe was through the activation of three marbles that served as keys.

As eons passed and old and new civilizations, fell and rose, the planet Ythaq was eventually rediscovered by a group of Hersheens. Using the keys which they purchased from an amateur archaeologist they opened the dimension to Ythaq. When the Hersheens made planet fall, they fell to the psychic influence of Sarkun'hr Magremort. He promised them great wealth should they assist him in freeing him.

In order to restore himself to his former glory and escape his prison, Sarkun'hr Magremort needed to reclaim his essences that were contained within the ionosphere. Conventionally it was impossible to retrieve the elements, however the elements could be absorbed by rare individuals as they passed through the planet's atmosphere. Those that did possessed the power of a single element.

Sarkun'hr Magremort needed to reclaim four samples of these elements in order to be free. A grand plan was formulated which led to the creation of the Ythes Games, a high steak game played by the galaxy's most elite. Players were enlisted to retrieve these users, or Pawns. The so-called prize, was immortality which was promised by the Hersheens.

The Hersheens used Ythaq as a way to pull ships to the hidden world, stranding them on the planet. The shipwrecks provided Ythaq with a population and a steady increase of Pawns for the Games and the Players entertainment.

In order to acquire the powers, Sarkun'hr Magremort needed a vessel that could safely contain all four. Thus he enlisted the Skopanders to create a vessel to contain his elements. Over the centuries the Ysthes Games were played amongst the galaxy's wealthy and influential, however no clear winner was successful in achieving the game's goal until the coming of the Comet's Mist.

Abilities Edit

Sarkun'hr Magremort was a giant eel of darkness that scaled on planetary proportions. His very form could coil around an entire world. He was an immensely powerful entity, which according to the analysis of Starflight's military scientists could potential destroy the entire galaxy. While the Targylls were able to imprison him, Sarkun'hr Magremort still maintain enough power to psychically influence various races to serve him.


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