Alien Species

The Sareeta were a humanoid, sentient species. They had dark, lidless eyes and pink skin. The species, native to the Outer Rim planet Sareet, reached atomic-age technology before encountering the galactic community. The Sareeta leadership then encouraged their people to explore the galaxy with the hope they would later return to raise the development level of Sareet. One individual, Sassan Sareeta, however, chose instead to pursue a career in smuggling. After aggressively running a blockade in the Lazerian system, Sassan was recruited into the criminal corporation Syndicate One.

Biology and appearance[]

The Sareeta were a sentient species, roughly humanoid in form, with two legs on which they stood upright, and two arms. These ended in five-fingered hands, including an opposable thumb. Sareeta heads had rounded craniums, but heavy jowls gave their faces an angular look. These jowls had three dark spots on them. In the center of their face was a small, dark, nose-like depression, above which were two dark, lidless eyes. Sareeta had mottled skin with pink pigmentation.


The Sareeta evolved on Sareet, a planet located in the Stensen sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Their society developed in isolation up to the atomic age, at which point, sometime between 1,000 and 25 BBY, they encountered the wider galactic community. The Sareeta leadership responded to this contact by encouraging their youth to venture beyond their homeworld and explore the new environment before returning to help in the development of their planet. However, not all juvenile Sareeta were so responsible. One such youth was Sassan, who came to be known as "Sassan Sareeta" or "Sassan the Sareeta." He had no interest in building up his society, instead seeking free travel on disreputable freight haulers. Sassan developed an appreciation for the Corellian-designed YT-1300 light freighters, eventually constructing his own from three separate starships.

Sassan shipped cargo on his freighter, the Moondrake, to dangerous locales. While smuggling cargo to the Lazerian system on the Harrin Trade Corridor, Sassan encountered a picket line of Imperial TIE starfighters. Instead of fleeing, Sassan allocated all power to his forward deflector shields and rammed through several starfighters. Following this incident, Sassan gained a reputation as a blockade runner, which brought the Sareeta to the attention of Saujutta-Ok-Topii, the head of the criminal organization known as Syndicate One. Sassan eventually reached a position within the organization supervising the corporation's transport regime and calculating jump routes for the gun-running operations.

By the year 25 ABY, the area around the Sareeta homeworld averaged less than one million inhabitants per inhabited planet. By 137 ABY, their homeworld fell within territory loyal to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire.