General Information
Homeworld Gem Homeworld
Habitat Anywhere
Body Type Humanoid
Height As tall as Rubies and Peridots, slightly taller than Steven Universe.
Skin Colors Blue or orange
Diet They do not need to eat but they can if they want to. They seem to be able to ingest just about anything.
Lifespan Immortal, unless the gem is completely shattered.
Sapience Level Sapient (unless corrupted)
Behavior Varies
Language Translate to any language spoken by man
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Steven Universe

Sapphires are a subspecies of Gem with ice-based powers.


Sapphires have blue or orange skin, matching-colored hair covering the top half of their faces, and dresses in various shades of blue or orange.

Function Edit

Sapphire are capable of looking into the future using a power dubbed "Future Vision", thereby serving as prophets in the Gem society.

Gallery Edit

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