The Sanussians are an alien species from Sanussi.

Biology Edit

Sanussians are ten meter long with a snake body, limbless except for two delicate arms just under the big bald head.

Background Edit

Seesis the Tertiary Receptacle of Wisdom of Sanussi was kidnapped from his embassy on Earth by two criminals: Echpo and Heragli by threatening to fill an ancestral seltzer bottle they had previously stolen with soda pop. The dishonor would have compelled the next hundred generations of his family to spend an hour a day in ceremonial writhing and give up all public positions. The duo forced him to come with them and he was not to speak to anyone or resist us with force until released.

The three made it to Toka where agent Tanni and her son Alex encountered them with their Hoka charges. The trio claimed to be shipwrecked and asked for help . By then the Hokas had taken to heart on the Jungle Book and its Indian influences. Seeing the three aliens they mistook them for the Bandar-log, Kaa the Python and Sheer-Khan.

Later their deception was revealed by Heragli overestimated the strength of Hoka liquor getting into a tussle with the Hokas. Tanni and her son took the chance to escape, and the criminals attempted to stop them only for Seeis to intervene as they had broken their agreement of harming no others.

Culture Edit

Little information is gleamed in the Sanussians. Most spacefaring species having never seen them. Though it’s noted that their ethical code is so unreasonably strict. Even when kidnapped or held under duress the hostage must abide by his captors demands. Sanussian code demands that the kidnapper refrain from endangering others.

Appearance Edit

  • Full Pack (Hokas Wild) by Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson (1957)
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