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Sandworms are a species of worm-like creatures which inhabit a world known as "Saturn", but seemingly located in (or at least accessible from) an afterlife realm.


Sandworms are large predators, looking rather like snakes. Their bodies are lined with vertical stripes. The head has dull red eyes and conical teeth, and houses a smaller head, with more eyes and an extra mouth.

Sandworms spend most of their time hunting and chasing ghosts caught in limbo. It is unknown whether or not Sandworms are sapient, however they probably aren't, due to their animal-like behavior. They act in a cartoonish manner when hit, and act somewhat like dogs.


Saturn Beetlejuice

Saturn, the home of the Sandworms

The Sandworms live on a world referred to by Betelgeuse as "Saturn". Another name for it is "Sandwormland" in a region of the Neitherworld. It is sort of a "Forbidden Zone". They live in sand their entire lives, occasionally invading other parts of the Neitherworld as well as the Real World. Sandwormland acts as a kind of limbo for deceased people. Sandworms are presumably extradimensional, because of this.


  • Beetlejuice (1988)
  • Beetlejuice, animated series (1989)
  • Lego Dimensions (2016)


  • In the early script they were originally going to be on Titan. Titan is one of Saturn's moons. It is possible that the desert is Titan and the green planet is Saturn, and the brown planet is Jupiter. Or, if it is Saturn, the green planet is Jupiter and the brown planet is Mars