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The Sandigger is a desert predator native to the Agon Wastes on Aether. Sandiggers are blue armored worms that burrow beneath the sand and surface when the sense unusual movement on the surface.


The most notable feature of the Sandigger is that its nervous system boasts two brains that work in perfect tandem. Each head controls their own half of the body and regulate the organs that their respective half possesses. However, only one head on either end of the body can be active at one time, but it is able to switch back and forth between each head, making it difficult for foes to surprise it.

In combat, the Sandigger sprays highly-corrosive digestive fluids from its mouth, then makes a beeline for its target and snaps with its pincers. Its carapace is resistant against most attacks, its only weakpoint being the creature's two heads. Use concentrated fire with potent weaponry and make short work of both heads.

Packs of Sandiggers are led by Alpha Sandiggers.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)