"They often guide us when we are tunneling. When the rocks glow green and ghostly, you know a Salander is with you."
―Oroog about the Salanders

The Salanders are a highly powerful, yet unseen species which live in the deep core of the planet Bortresoye, in the Divergent Universe. Only the Oroogs seem to be aware of their presence, as they never come to the surface. They’re known to guide and care for the Oroogs.

When Charley Pollard was held prisoner by the Kromon, who attempted to genetically convert her in a Kromon hybrid to become their new queen, the (unnamed) Oroog dug deep underground to contact the Salanders and get their help both to find an antidote for Charley and to free the other Oroogs from Kromon control. With the help of the Salanders, the Oroogs were able to defeat the Kromon and to provide the Doctor with the antidote, which he applied to Charley, successfully reversing the process.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories - The Creed of the Kromon (2004) (Mentioned only)
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