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Former Symbol

Homeworld: Sssla

Known Emperors: Guanar, Tyranid, Saurak, Sauron, Hissa, Kryssta, Dactylus, Tyran, Ragazor, Sarezaear, Dilophos

Racial Tendencies: Aggressive Expansionists

Tech Specialties: Excellent Planetology

The Sakkra were a reptilian race. Since they hatched from eggs, their populations grew fast, so they were always looking for new planets to colonize. Ground troops could easily be developed from this high population. Sakkra leaders were fairly aggressive and expansionistic. Planetology was their tech specialty, which aided in developing new planets for their people. Their enemies included the Alkari, Darloks, Klackons, and Meklars, and especially the Mrrshan. They did take kindly to the Humans, however.

After thousands of years of extraordinary population growth, the homeworld of the Sakkra ran out of room. They presumably moved to a new homeworld, since their original planet was not larger than other races' planets. Sakkra spies were poor quality, and this was a change from the past. No one knows why they lost their skills, but some speculate that it was due to their disillusionment with working for a government that allowed their planet to become so terribly overcrowded. The reptilian Sakkra hatched from eggs and their populations grew amazingly fast. They were forced to live both above and below ground to find room; this situation resulted in huge planetary populations and also contributed to the defense of their cities. The Sakkra had a Feudal system, in which each planet was ruled by a noble family. The oaths of loyalty to the emperor forced the local lords' militaries to work together, allowing fast ship building. However, the rulers tended to discourage and hinder research in favor of weaponry, resulting in half the normal amount of scientific work taking place. The Sakkra farmers were skilled at growing food, which was needed to feed the huge numbers of people. Sakkra emperors were more aggressive around this time than they had been in the past, and liked to expand at the other races' expense. They had some respect for the Alkari, who had become reptilian not long before.

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