SRTT is the physiological classification given to an unnamed species of sapient amoeboid aliens. An extremely adaptable species, their amorphous bodies allow them to extrude any limbs, sensory organs or protective tegument adequate to the environment they find themselves in.

The natural form of an SRTT includes a vaguely crocodilian mouth and several horned tentacles, but they are able to mimic the appearance of practically any other species, as long as their mass and dimensions are not too greater or smaller than their own. Their urge to mimic other creatures when they feel threatened is almost involuntary. SRTTs evolved on a planet with a highly eccentric orbit and variable climatic conditions, which partially explains the evolution of a shapeshifting nature. Like many species, they first evolved out of the seas, but since then the planet has undergone so many climatic changes that it is now a desert.

This species is extremely long-lived and reproduces asexually through a budding process that happens every few years. Since they possess no centralized nervous system, the cognitive and memory functions are evenly distributed through the body. Thus, every time they bud they pass along part of their unconscious minds and memories to their offspring. Because of this, SRTT parents and children share a very strong emotional bond and it is the youngest (most recent) offspring that is given preference in ceremonial rituals, rather than the firstborn as in the majority of Human cultures.

Although they are immune to practically all kinds of physical disease or parasites, their psychological diseases are particularly hard to treat; since the mind of an individual may contain unconscious information dating back to thousands of generations.

Appearances - Visitor at Large by James White

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