SCP-1560 is the SCP Foundation's designation for an extradimensional species of bird-like animal sometimes found in the skies of Earth. They have to the ability to "shift" from this dimension to another one where they hunt their prey.

Description Edit

Anatomy Edit

SCP-1560 instances resemble the terrestrial black-browed albatross. It is considerably larger than that animal, though, with adults reaching wingspans of up to 3.8 m (12.5 ft). It also lacks legs or feet of any kind, and can apparently only move by flying. SCP-1560's eyes are compound eyes with remarkable sensitivity to ultraviolet light.

Displacement Edit

SCP-1560 instances are able to displace themselves into an extradimensional space of unclear nature. It is unknown if they are indigenous to this area, but it is considered likely.

Diet Edit

SCP-1560 preys primarily on a large species of cephalopod native to the dimension it displaces into. These cephalopods have never been observed, but the Foundation has inferred their existence from scarring and injuries on the bodies of SCP-1560 instances.

Life cycle Edit

SCP-1560 reproduces sexually, and is divided into males and females. Only one instance of reproduction has been observed, during which a female displaced for 18 minutes before returning with three offspring, which it had apparently borne live. Their lifespan is unknown, as it exceeds the decades-long time span the Foundation has spent observing the species.

Behavior Edit

SCP-1560 is a non-sapient animal that organizes itself into small family groups, apparently led by the largest and oldest male. They generally behave much like terrestrial seabirds, except that they never land. They also spend all their time on Earth at altitudes of 8.1 km or more, and only descend below that altitude when displacing into their other dimension to feed. These "hunting dives" last for five to ten minutes.

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