The Rykors serve as all-purpose domesticated animals for the Kaldane race, used for transportation and food as well as performing those tasks the Kaldanes themselves are physically too weak to do. Physically the Rykors appear to be headless Humans with light red skin, almost universally well-muscled and handsome or beautiful. They are, however, non-sentient and would be unable to survive without the care of the Kaldanes, as they cannot even find food for themselves when not directed by a Kaldane. Where the neck would be on a Red Martian, the Rykor simply has a gaping hole. A Kaldane riding a Rykor sits atop this hole and grasps its exposed spinal column, giving it control over the Rykor's limbs. It is suggested that the Rykors have been bred from captive Red Martians and some non-sentient domestic animal formerly used by the Kaldanes.

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