Rykengolls also referred to as Golls are a fanatic religious group of are brutal barbarians, and according to Johns not particularly capable fighters. Kyra was slaved out to a group of them, they tortured her and she killed them all.

Basic InformationEdit


An eerie song of engines accompany a massive spire of carbon and iron landing upright. The monolith clamshells open vertically, a pair of praying hands separating to announce their arrival.

They appear as Blind Siamese twins - stitched together - back to back, limb to limb, they move like on living organism trailing a train of daggers, each dagger once used to blind one of their own. "Only the blind can see the One True God" Currently petitioning the Tabula Prima for recognition as a true religion, this petition is widely disputed by many races!

Stories of Rykengoll recruitment campaigns are widely reported throughout the Kovan sector. Ravaging their enemies, the downed and defeated are blinded and literally stitched into the brethren.


  • In Dark Fury there Antonia Chillingsworth mentions Galls, what a Gall is, is not known. But this wiki assumes that the subtitles misspelled "Golls" as Galls. And thus there was members of the group on the Kublai Khan.
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