Alien Species

The Ruin Haunters were a posthuman species created by the Qu from a colony of the Star People, and were among those to regain sapience.


The Ruin Haunters were one of the most Human-like of any Qu-created posthuman species. They bore humanoid bodies that appeared nearly identical to Humans, but differed in the structure of their heads and necks. Ruin Haunters bore thick necks and somewhat elongated faces, with large, drooping, rounded noses, with no hair atop their heads and small triangular ears. Though they were reduced to the intelligence of chimpanzees or gorillas, the Qu didn't do much to avoid sapience to re-evolve.


Since the Ruin Haunters lived on a world where the Qu didn't destroy the ruins of the Star People's civilization, they learned from the ancient wisdom of their ancestors and used it to build an advanced civilization that quickly rivaled that of the Star People.

Oftentimes, they only replicated Star People technology without fully understanding it. The political stress put on them by the quick development of their technology led to five world wars, two of them being thermonuclear exchanges.

The wars united the survivors and they were able to surpass the technological advances of the Star People. Soon they came to the conclusion that they were the sole heirs of the Star People, which later led to problems with other posthumans.

When their sun began to rapidly expand, a threat their technology was unable to overcome, they remade themselves into the Gravitals to escape their extinction.


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