General Information
Homeworld Abraxar
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lanfeust of Troy Universe

The Rorskal is a creature that inhabits the planet Dezunge in the Lanfeust of Troy Universe.

Biology Edit

Leviathan-like blue whale creatures that swim in the sands of the desert planet. Rorskals are hunted by the colonists for the meat, which is cut into strips and smoked. In addition its strong supple skin and glands around its liver are also harvested. For they yield several litters of bluet, the precious liquid that contains the ingredient required to make the antidote for the Orhleil. Hunters usually take down the beasts by aimming for the neck between the bony plates.

Appearances Edit

  • Lanfeust des Étoiles #3 - Les Sables d'Abraxar (2004)
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