Roomboos is the name applied to large, fossorial and semi-aquatic creatures native to the planet Mars. They appear to be a mammalian species, but have six legs in total. It's believed that they are the creatures responsible for digging the famous Martian canals observed by Percival Lowell and other astronomers. However, the Roomboos are not sapient, and seem to have been domesticated by the Erloors.


Their appearance is reminiscent of a huge mole, circa two meters in body length, and they possess strong webbed paws which serve both to swim and to dig. Their bodies are covered in dense fur, similar to that of a sea otter. They have a horn on their snout, and enormous tusks. Despite their stout built, they're capable of pouncing, and make formidable predators - although their diet is complimented by roots and other vegetables, making them omnivores. They're also noted as being completely blind, and instead use smelling to locate their prey.


  • Le Prisonnier de la planète Mars, by Gustave le Rouge (1908)
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