Alien Species

Romulans are a imperialist sub species of Vulcan who inhabited the planet Romulus in the Romulus System in the Beta Quadrant, they used to be enemies of the United Federation of Planets, by the 31st Century, they had become members of the UFP.


Romulans are barely biologically different from their Vulcan cousins, with even early genetic scans showing Romulan DNA as being Vulcan, Romulans have all the standard Vulcanoid traits, such as copper-based blood, their anatomical features are very similar to their cousins, such as pointed ears and pointed eyebrows, the Romulans from the northern hemisphere of Romulus have a very defined eyebrow ridge where as their southern cousins have more Vulcan-like foreheads, they are not too different to their Vulcan cousins, as interspecies reproduction between Romulans and Vulcans is possible, they are also compatible with Humans and Klingons, though a Romulan/Human or a Romulan/Klingon hybrid would most likely require medical intervention in order to maintain the safety of the child.

Culture and Society[]

Romulans are a militaristic/imperialistic culture, similar to ancient Rome.


Around the 4th Century AD, the Romulans' ancestors left Vulcan following the civil war, this caused the appearance of the Debrune civilization which fell millennia ago, eventually the Romulans made their home on Romulus, and enslaved the inhabitants of the nearby planet Remus, beginning what would some day become the Romulan Star Empire