AmericanDad 09 Roger v1F
Biography Information
True Identity Roger Smith
Alias Various
Homeworld Unknown
Species Grey
Gender Male
Age 1601
Family Unknown Mother (deceased)

Unknown father (deceased, eaten by Roger) One Child via Betsy White

Language English
Occupation Bartender of Roger's Place. Multiple professions for his various personas.
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe American Dad
Created by Seth MacFarlane
Performed by Seth MacFarlane

A picture of Roger visiting Scandinavia

Roger is an alien living secretly on planet Earth since 1947, when he landed on Roswell, New Mexico. The names of his species and home planet have never been revealed, although he appears to belong to the species commonly addressed to as Greys. His behavior, such as flamboyancy, is apparently a common trait among most members of his species.

Biography and personalityEdit

Little is known about Rogers early life aside from a few stories and flashbacks. His home planet apparently features flying cars on tracks, he went to summer camp with Kang and Kodos and apparently killed and ate his father. He use to be in a relationship with his planets ruler Emperor Zing but cheated on him with a human male.

The reason Roger came to Earth was not revealed until Weiner of Our Discontent; he was apparently placed in a spaceship as a crash test dummy (but was under the belief that he was being sent to Earth to decide humanity's fate) and the spaceship was then deliberately crashed into Earth, at Roswell.

Little is known about Roger's early years on Earth too. Although never revealing himself as an alien, he apparently became rich and famous for a brief time in the seventies, when he invented disco music after finding a cassette tape from the future, creating a predestination paradox. He played for the U.S. hockey team in the 1980 Olympics and fought in the Vietnam War. He also lived for many years in a laboratory in Area 51. At some point, after having his life saved by Roger, the CIA agent Stan Smith helped the alien to escape and let him live with his family. For the last four years, Roger has been living with the Smiths. His current situation can be easily compared to that of Gordon Shumway – hidden from the world, not allowed to leave the house except in disguise, and escaping from boredom by becoming an appreciator of some of the most pleasing aspects of Earth's culture, like television, internet forums, alcoholic beverages and junk food. Also like Shumway, Roger is quite clumsy and a regular source of trouble. Unlike Shumway, however, he is also arrogant and self-centered, which may be a biological trait of his species, since it has been shown that being nice is harmful for his metabolism.

Whenever Roger goes outside he has to wear a Human disguise, something which he enjoys a lot. It has been hinted that playing different characters while in disguises is a hobby adopted by Roger to help him escape from the boring reality of being stranded on Earth. It is possible that the whole situation is slowly driving him insane, as he once admitted that he doesn't "know what's real anymore." However, since Roger is known for his dramatic reactions, it is possible that the statement was just an exaggeration. He also owns a Yautja costume.


  • Roger's species seems to be hermaphroditic.
  • Roger stated in "Threat Levels" that his species is immune to all human ailments. However, Stan stated in the same episode that he still got a cold sore.
  • Roger has skin that is highly flame resistant, although he still felt some level of shock or pain when Stan set him on fire at an adoption agency, and it did leave his skin darkened. He also reacted with shock and/or pain when he burned his hands on hot turkeys in "Four Little Words". He didn't show any sign of pain in "Stan's Food Restaurant" when Stan accidentally held a blowtorch to close to his face, but it did manage to blacken his face.
  • According to Roger, his kind has no bones at all in their body, being made entirely of cartilage. Although this is contradicted many times throughout the series.
  • Roger's home planet is also known to have a freezing climate, and he seems unaffected by colder conditions.
  • In "One Little Word" and "There Will Be Bad Blood", Roger's blood is shown to be purple. However, in Klaus' fantasy in "Irregarding Steve", it is yellow, and in "Season's Beatings", "Ricky Spanish", "Faking Bad" and "Stan-Dan Deliver", it is red like human blood.
  • Roger is shown in "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial" to have a long, frog-like tongue, but in "Great Space Roaster" his tongue is forked and more snake-like, and in "Family Affair" and "A Piñata Named Desire", it is more of a long, pointed tongue.
  • In the "Pilot" episode it is stated and showed that ooze called xenoplasm shoots out of Roger's body every seven hours. This is shown again in "Roger Codger", where he does it whenever he feels stressed before entering hibernation, and once again in "Office Spaceman", where he does it deliberately.
  • His species' bodies are also highly buoyant, allowing an adult male (e.g. Stan Smith) to use Roger as a flotation device.
  • When under excessive duress, his species can fall into a stress-induced hibernation cycle, causing them to appear dead for a few hours.
  • It is shown in "A Smith In The Hand" that Roger has 'pockets' in his flesh that he can keep things in and through which his internal organs can be accessed. Also in the same episode, it is shown that when Roger's pancreas is removed, it becomes a vicious beast.
  • Eating okra causes him to flatulate gases toxic to humans.
  • Perhaps his species most peculiar trait of all is that they seem to excrete golden feces encrusted with precious minerals after the consumption of certain foods, something which is not considered especially valuable on their planet, naturally. To make it even odder, there seems to be some kind of supernatural curse regarding these excrements, as anyone who possesses them will have bad luck.
  • During his reproductive cycle he secretes a milky mucus which is inexplicably delicious to humans. During this time, he can lay an egg inside a host, male or female, through oral contact. The host can pass the egg onto another through the same method.
  • Roger's species can survive in the vacuum of space.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Speed: Roger can move at incredible speeds, fast enough to outrun bullets and, evidently, to where his perception of time has slowed down to a remarkable degree. His leg muscles are also strong enough to push a tree across a yard.
  • Breathing under water: There are times throughout the series when he is seen breathing under water although there are other times when he gasps for air.
  • Electrical Discharges: Roger personally claims to be made of 60% electricity, which gives him the ability to emit electrical shocks at will. These shocks are potent enough to both stop and restart someone's heart.
  • Knowledge Absoprtion: Roger is shown to be able to record people's memories through sexual fingering.
  • Longevity:It is Possible that his species contains immortality.His species apparently lives a very long time. Roger has claimed to be over 1600 years old.
  • Superhuman strength: He has displayed this quality when he used his legs to explosively throw Stan from the ground to the ceiling during a wrestling match.
  • Suction He can completely consume a brain on a molecular level without damaging it at all .As shown when he eats Jeff's brain to rebirth Jeff
  • Extreme Particle Resistance This ability is observed when he survived being in a particle accelerator causing an explosion that devastated the whole world while he was left essentially untouched.
  • Cellular Regeneration Roger also loses limbs throughout the series but is able to reattach them. Although this ability seems to be exclusive to him because of the fight observed between Rogers species and Simbad.
  • Extreme high pain tolerance Roger is calm even with all his organs removed and he can cut his organs out feeling next to nothing. This is either the fact that his species has a high pain tolerance or that each organ acts is its own organism containing its own nervous system working in a symbiotic relationship to stay alive.


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