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A Rock Monster is a creature made of solid stone.


Rock Monsters were rock humanoids found on Planet U. They were brown with glowing red eyes. They could appear out of dirt walls, loose rock walls, or hard rock walls (not solid rock walls), or be found sleeping in a cavern. They ate Energy Crystals and would even attack buildings to get them. The LEGO Rock Raiders fought them off in their quest to obtain enough Energy Crystals to go home. The Chief encountered a Rock Monster previously in his youth. When repeatedly hit by beam-weaponry, they crumble into two or three Mini-Rock Monsters which are harmless and will simply run away. Evidence found by the Rock Raiders indicates that they were once an intelligent civilization, but they are now little more than primitive beasts.

They are also seen in the jungle and on an asteroid belt, potentially meaning that they could be found all over the universe.



A Rock Monster as it appears in the LEGO Rock Raiders game

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  • 4990 Rock Raiders HQ (First appearance)
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