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Yeti (Doctor Who)

Robot Yeti were servitors created by the Great Intelligence, originally as protectors before using them as an army. They may have been based on living Tibetan Yeti. However, because no living Yeti were ever definitively studied, it was also possible that the robotic Yeti was the source of the myth.

Appearance and constructionEdit

The Yeti robots were large and hairy to disguise themselves in the Himalayas. Their claws, feet, and eyes were the only parts not covered in fur; their claws and feet were black and bumpy, their teeth yellow, and their eyes green. The "Mark I"s were bigger and more bear-like, whereas the "Mark II"s in London had better-defined hands capable of wielding web-guns. These Yeti had flaps at their chest which hid the control spheres that provided their motive power, serving as a brain. Yeti could also be directed somewhere through the use of a locus. Until activated, Yeti could stand immobile for long periods, completely shut down and unaware of what went on around it. When instructions did arrive, it would come to life and begin moving.

The "Mark III" Yeti retained the same appearance but were the result of New World University's research into nanotechnology and atomic engineering. A control sphere could plunge itself into a human chest, nano-instructions inducing immediate atomic restructuring and multiplication until the person became a Yeti. Whether this meant they were organic or cyborgs is unclear, but these Yeti had yellow fangs and were more susceptable to projectile fire. They could also fire web from their claws.



The Yeti were created to serve the Great Intelligence, also known as the Great Old One Yog-Sothoth. A non-corporeal entity, the Great Intelligence took over the body of Padmasambhava, the lama of Det-Sen Monastery, and built the Yeti over hundreds of years. The Yeti were initially a ruse to scare off curiosity seekers from the mountain cave where the Intelligence planned to manifest; later, they became more of an army serving the Great Intelligence. These robots were similar in appearance to what explorer Professor Edward Travers called "real" Yeti.

20th centuryEdit

The Second Doctor, a friend of Padmasambhava's, arrived in the Himalayas 1935 with his companions Victoria and Jamie. Along with Professor Travers, they put an end to the Great Intelligence's plan when Jamie smashed the pyramid control in the cave.

More than forty years later, a formerly non-functioning robot Yeti on display in Julius Silverstein's private museum in London was reactivated by a control sphere Travers had re-activated, subsequently somehow transforming into the "Mark II" and killing owner Julius Silverstein. Setting up a Yeti production plant in Wimbledon, (PROSE: Millennial Rites) the robots then covered London in webbing, forcing the evacuation of the populace. Later, in the Underground, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and his troops attempted to stop them, the Intelligence using the Underground as a nervous system. (TV: The Web of Fear) This event gave impetus to the formation of UNIT.

Lethbridge-Stewart again encountered a Yeti on Gallifrey, left over from Rassilon's games. On this occasion, the Second Doctor maddened it with a firework, and the resulting rock fall prevented any further interaction with it. It is not clear whether this was a robot or a live Yeti.

Establishing New World University by 1995, the Intelligence-controlled Victoria Waterfield utilised control spheres to find the final locus, which bound the Intelligence to Earth. These spheres turned several New World students into Yeti, which proceeded to battle UNIT to defend the generators powering the Intelligence, but were subseqently defeated once more through the combined efforts of Victoria, Sarah Jane Smith, and Lethbridge-Stewart.

21st centuryEdit

A Yeti sidearm was removed from the Hub, the underground HQ of Torchwood 3, following the Hub's destruction. It was then delivered to the CIA Special Operations Division who went rogue and stole the shipment.

A Yeti was kept in Underbase 1 in 2010.

Other encountersEdit

A Yeti in the TARDIS. (GAME: Destiny of the Doctors) A group of Yetis were put in the Doctor's TARDIS by the Master to battle the Graak.

At some point, explorers searching for the Yeti were captured by the Intelligence. A lama Gampo called the real Yeti to battle against the robots, defeating them. New Jupiter's Earthworld themepark had replica Yeti as part of the Twentieth Century Zone attraction. Fitz Kreiner, who came from the early 1960s, didn't know why "abominable snowmen" were meant to be part of Swinging London.

Alternative timelinesEdit

In an alternate timeline created by the Black Guardian where the First Doctor never left Gallifrey, and became Lord President, the Yetis were one of many forces that invaded Earth, and fought over the planet with invaders of various alien races. This timeline was destroyed when the Seventh Doctor retrieved the Key to Time.

In the pocket universe of the Great Kingdom, a trapped Intelligence used sheer will to transform the material around it into eight-foot-tall Yeti with red-brown fur animated directly by the Intelligence.

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