Alien Species

The Riorians are a race of aquatic insectoids native to the Outer Rim planet Rior.


Peaceful by nature, they are distinguishable by two distinctly different varieties. Some Riorians, such as Loje Nella, have two large, ridged flaps of skin that extend from either side of the head and have brown skin and eyes. A second variety has gills and a large cranial sac. They have eyes with red scleras with black pupils. With their non-protruding mouths closed, they have the appearance of not having one. They also have non-protruding noses.


At some time in their ancient past, Riorians descended from the cliffborer worms of Tatooine. One of the Riorian varieties, Loje Nella, came under the employ of Jabba the Hutt as his accountant.