Universe The Simpsons Universe
Homeworld Rigel VII
Average Height 2m
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

The Rigellians are evil tentacled cycloptic aliens from the planet Rigel VII who can't stop themselves from drooling. In one of the episodes they appeared - Mr Kang goes to Washington - they implied they were from Uranus.

Appearances Edit

  • Television Show: They are generally seen in Treehouse of Horror episodes, usually trying to take over the planet Earth - although they are sometimes shown as been benevolent. The most frequently featured members of the race are Kang and his sister Kodos.

A running gag throughout their appearances is that their method of abducting humans differs between appearances.

  • Video Games: In the game The Simpsons Hit and Run, Kang and Kodos are shown been the main antagonists. They create an 'evil cola' and introduce it into the water supply, which awakens the dead and causes zombies to rise from the grave - with the hope it will generate high ratings for their intergalactic reality TV show "Foolish Earthlings". With help from Professor Frink (who learns that their weakness is nuclear waste), Homer Simpson (along with Snake and Grandpa) delivers 4 barrels of nuclear waste to the alien saucer hovering above the school playground. This successfully causes the saucer to crash - killing Kang and Kodos - although their TV show finale ends up been a success anyway.
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