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Height compared to a Martian, Gort, a Wookiee and a Melmacian.

The Rigellians are tentacled cycloptic aliens from the planet Rigel VII.


Rigellians are physically large creatures, standing about 2.1 meters in height. Their skin is light-green in coloration. They appear like land-based cephalopods, with their bodies consisting of a large head and a mass of tentacles for locomotion. Two of the tentacles are much longer than the remaining ones, and are commonly used as their main manipulative appendages. The head is elongated and contains a large mouth filled with sharp teeth and in a state of perpetual drooling. They have a single, gigantic eye, with a vertical slit pupil and white sclera, and also have long pointed ears.

Rigellians often wear transparent space helmets, but no other protection, and have been shown to survive just as well on Earth without the helmets. Despite being a dioecious species, the females appear to be indistinguishable from males, speak in male-sounding voices and even have testicles. They secrete what they describe as "ocular fluids" from their eyes on emotional situations, much like Humans secrete tears; but are also known to vomit from their eyes, which seems to be indistinguishable from shedding tears. They hold hands to exchange long protein strings.

Despite their cephalopod-like appearance, they have hard rigid skeletons.

Culture and society[]

Rigellians are a spacefaring civilization and known to travel to other planets in saucer-shaped spacecraft and in some cases abduct other beings and attempt to take over their worlds. In other instances, however, they are often there simply to observe and gather information, and in at least one case attempted no hostile act whatsoever, and merely wished to prepare dinner for Humans. By a phenomenal coincidence, the Rigellian language is identical to English. At least some members of this species are known to practice the religion known as Quantum Presbyterianism.


  • Members of this species are generally seen in the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes of the show, usually trying to take over the planet Earth, although they are sometimes shown as being benevolent. The most frequently featured members of the race are Kang and his sister Kodos; both named after Star Trek villains (Kang was a Klingon and Kodos a human former dictator). A running gag is that their method of abducting humans differs between appearances.
  • In the episode "Mr. Kang Goes to Washington", they describe their homeworld as "a certain nearby ringed planet whose name we'd prefer not to mention", implying they are from Uranus, even though other appearances firmly establish that they come from Rigel VII. It is possible that they might have a colony on Uranus.
  • In the game The Simpsons Hit and Run, Kang and Kodos are the main antagonists. They create an 'evil cola' and introduce it into the water supply, which awakens the dead and causes zombies to rise from the grave - with the hope it will generate high ratings for their intergalactic reality TV show Foolish Earthlings. With help from Professor Frink (who learns that their weakness is nuclear waste), Homer Simpson (along with Snake and Grandpa) delivers four barrels of nuclear waste to the alien saucer hovering above the school playground. This successfully causes the saucer to crash - killing Kang and Kodos - although their TV show finale ends up been a success anyway.
  • In the ending scene of the episode "Simpsorama" Kang and Kodos (or "The Johnsons" as they are referred to by Lrrr) go to dinner with the Omicronian royals and then Ndnd runs of crying and Lrrr asks whichever one of them is the female to go comfort her, following this remark, both Kang and Kodos go to comfort Ndnd, implying that they are not sisters but are actually in a homosexual relationship.