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The name Rigellian or Rigelian is generally used in science fiction to refer to any sapient species native to the planetary system of the blue giant Rigel, also known as Beta Orionis, and/or its small companion Rigel B, together with which it forms the Rigel binary system. Incidentally, spectroscopic analysis has suggested that Rigel B itself is a binary, its light coming from two small stars orbiting close to each other; thus making the Rigel system a trinary. The system is located about 850 light years from Earth.

The names Rigellian or Rigelian can refer to:

  • Rigellian (Star Trek), a reptilianoid species seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and mentioned elsewhere in the Trek universe; also known as Chelons or Chelarians.
    • Rigellian (Enterprise), a distinct humanoid species from Star Trek: Enterprise.
    • Kalar, a humanoid race of savages seen in the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage" as inhabitants of Rigel VII
  • Rigellian (Marvel), a psychic humanoid race with oversized heads.
  • Rigellian (The Simpsons), a race of vaguely cephalopod-like creatures from Rigel VII which have attempted to conquer Earth on many times.
  • Rigellian (Star Wars), a portly race from the Star Wars galaxy. It is more than likely that their name is a coincidence, as Rigel is located in the Milky Way, while Star Wars is specifically described as taking place in a distant galaxy.