The Riders are an insectoid race from the Remnants Universe.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Riders are about the size of a man, with an rust colored upperbody that is narrow and rigid, almost glossy. Riders have two long arms jointed much like human arms, and they have four fingers on each hand. Riders stand on two jointed legs, each split into two calves, or elongated feet. The legs are jointed at the hip, at the split, again halfway down the calves, and at what might be the ankle.

They possess a hideous, razor-toothed sock-puppet of a head used for eating. There are two large glittery gold compound eyes. Directly below, there is a row of four smaller eyes, black irises in gold orbs. One of the Rider's eyes is the the God Eye. It allows Riders to see something in creatures, and it represents it by a colorful halo surrounding that being. There is a small mouth on this head that is used for transmitting the metallic cry and speaking with other Riders. Some Riders don't have any heads at all. They just have a stump, six inches of neck, and nothing on top. Rider blood is purple.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Riders are separated into different Clans. For a Rider, dying is considered honorable, and the Riders seem to come back alive after they die. A Rider's dream would be to die and continue being reborn until it became worth of joining the Sanctified Ancestors. As you've probably noticed, Riders do not fear death. 

Religion[edit | edit source]

Riders have many gods, although they think that Gods are to be feared, not obeyed. They mention the Unseen Star God and Mother, a Great God, in Nowhere Land. There's a good chance that there are more gods than those two.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Riders have several weapons, and they are all quite primitive. Despite this, Rider weapons are extremely dangerous, and they can easily kill humans. Riders use swords, spears, and boomerangs as their weapons.

  • Hoverboards: Riders ride hoverboards that are circular disks, less than four feet in diameter. They are mind controlled by their owner. The only way to take control of the hoverboard is to kill the owner because the owner can control the hoverboard from miles away.
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