Alien Species

The Ri'Dar were a race of batlike aliens, infamous for their mass paranoia. They were native to the planet Dar'Or, and were about a meter tall. Their faces resemble those of bats, but with large red eyes and sloping foreheads. Their arms were actually wings, and have a span of up to three meters. Six fingers mark the primary joint on the arms, and they have six toes on each foot. Downy, brown fur covers their body.

The Ri'dar have a communal society built around the inhabitance of the 200-meter-tall waza trees found on Dar'Or. A warren of Ri'dar families lives in a single tree, while a particular section of forest forms a Ri'Dar city. The original Ri'Dar were simply tree-dwelling mammals, and over time their wings evolved into flying apparatus. Young Ri'Dar were the favorite food of the sloth-like indola, and this probably helped accelerate the development of their wings.

The Ri'Dar were considered primitive by the Empire, and were of little consideration when Imperial scientists relocated the elix species to Dar'Or. The avians quickly adapted to life on Dar'Or, and also found the Ri'Dar a tasy meal. The Empire then declared Dar'Or an Imperial Species Preservation Zone, not for the Ri'Dar but for the elix.