General Information
Homeworld Rhodia
Body Type humanoid
Locomotion bipedal
Diet omnivorous
Sapience Level sapient
Reproduction sexual
Status endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who



Prince Charles (Charlie)

The Rhodians are a race of aliens that have become endangered due to a massive Shadow Kin extermination event.

History Edit

The Rhodians were once a great and proud race that lived on the Heaven-like planet of Rhodia. During their reign, the Rhodians were in conflict with another race on Rhodia called the Quill who missmanaged their economy and grew spiteful of the Rhodians' rule. Led by Andra'ath (a.k.a. Miss Quill), the Quill fought against the Rhodians in a brutal war. The Rhodians later won and implanted an arn into the head of the leader of the Quill freedom fighters Miss Quill, which indentured her to Charles Smith the Prince of Rhodia. However, during their war, another alien race called the Shadow Kin invaded Rhodia and killed almost every Rhodian and Quill on the planet in search for a powerful item/item attributed to the Rhodians' religious beliefs: The Cabinet of Souls. The Cabinet was retrieved by Charles and Miss Quill, who fled the slaughter with the help of The Doctor and decided to live on Earth as a means to hide the Cabinet and themselves from the Shadow Kin. With Charlie's adolescent age, he decided to assimilate him and Miss Quill into human lifestyle and becomes a student at Coal Hill Academy in London with Miss Quill taking a job as a teacher in the school. After Charlie and Miss Quill meet other human students who later become friends with them, the Shadow Kin managed to find the location of Charlie, Miss Quill and the Cabinet. The Shadow Kin arrived on Earth and attempted to retrieve the Cabinet and kill Charlie and Miss Quill, but were stopped by The Doctor who stepped in at the last minute to drive the Shadow Kin back to their home planet through a dimensional rift. After their encounter with the Shadow Kin, The Doctor decided to entrust Charlie, Miss Quill and their new human friends to safeguard the planet when The Doctor is somewhere else in time and space, defending Earth from various aliens that travel through the rifts appearing around Coal Hill's general area, including the Shadow Kin. After dealing with multiple alien encounters, as well as that of the Shadow Kin, the Shadow Kin began to invade the planet to kill every human on the face of the Earth. In a last ditch effort to save humanity and his friends, Charlie uses the Cabinet to kill every Shadow Kin in the Universe and their home planet known as the Underneath.

Metaphysical Beliefs Edit

Cabinet of Souls

Cabinet of Souls

Cabinet interior

Cabinet of Souls interior

The religious beliefs of the Rhodians mostly stem from the Cabinet of Souls. In Rhodian beliefs, the souls of dead Rhodians enter the Cabinet which has a similar "bigger-on-the-inside" motif remeniscent of the TARDIS with an entire separate dimension inside of it. The reason for containing said souls is because it's original purpose before it gained a religious agenda was to hold onto the souls of dead Rhodians to prepare for when Rhodia is either destroyed or conquered by another species and have to find a new home. This was Charlie's original intention when taking the Cabinet from Rhodia and wanted to do so, once the Shadow Kin either die off or loose interest in finding the Cabinet. The Cabinet can also be used as a weapon by operating it to use a certain amount of souls to kill a certain amount of living beings, one per target. When a Rhodian soul is used to kill something, the soul is ultimately destroyed upon killing it's target. When Charlie used the Cabinet to kill the Shadow Kin, he sacrificed the remaining souls to kill every Shadow Kin and save humanity.

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