Alien Species

A Rhedogian is a species of aliens found aboard the Bottle Ship. It is possible that they were bioengineered on the Bottle Ship.


Rhedogians resemble Anomalocaris. They are blue in coloration, have pairs of large mandibles hanging from its face, extendable arms, and a single eye.

Rhedogians are incredibly resilient, even being able to survive swimming through lava. It appears they were created for combat, having a missile launcher that simultaneously launches several missiles at targets. They also have the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes. When charging up, their eye turns red. They also can swipe at foes at close range and can fly into them. They are incredibly skilled at dodging. Their mandibles are used to prevent foes from latching on to it.

Their mandibles can be frozen with Ice Beam technology. If shot in the eye with a missile when it is red, it will be stunned. A shot from close range when it is stunned will cause it much pain, and can break the mandibles if frozen. However, it appears to have regenerative capabilities because if it escapes only to be encountered later, the mandibles will have reformed.


Samus Aran first encounters a Rhedogian after defeating several Super Zebesians in the Cyrosphere. This Rhedogian eventually escapes to threaten Anthony Higgs by trying to drop him into the lava in the Pyrosphere, but is stopped by Samus. It then ambushes Samus at the top of the Desert Refinery in the Pyrosphere, but is temporarily defeated. It is encountered one last time when leaving the Biosphere while heading to Sector Zero, where it is killed leaving behind its seeker missiles.

Samus later fights two different Rhedogians in a row while approaching the Control Bridge.


  • Metroid: Other M (First appearance)