The Revwiens are a plant-like species of aliens native to the planet Revyia. They have a bulbous head and flowing, leaf-like appendages. Their bodies are thick stalks shaped like a squash. The leafy appendages are prehensile, and are used in the absence of hands and feet. The bulbous head is really a seed case studded with sensory stalks that provide sight, smell, touch, and hearing.

The Revwiens are a peaceful race with the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. They are curious about the galaxy around them, but have no need for high technology. They prefer to simply develop those planets that have potential value. Many Revwiens follow the teachings of the Tyia, a philosophy brought to Revyia by a missionary who traveled on an independent freighter to the planet. Tyia holds a strong regard to life and peace, the two things the Revwiens hold dearest. It is believed that the followers of the Tyia are somewhat adept at manipulating the Force, but they choose not to involve themselves with the Jedi Knights.

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