General Information
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Planetoid Universe

The Reptrox are a lizard-like animal native to Praxis in the Planetoid Universe.

Background Edit

The reptrox are one of the few animal species that not only survive on Praxis, but thrive. They were hunted by the tribes of Praxis as a major food source for their meat and eggs. However after Silas created the community on the Slab, Nkunda, an avid reptrox breeder decided to create a reptrox pen so that that the community could have a stable protein supply. In addition they can be trained to act as trackers and pets.

Biology Edit

The resemble small devil-horned lizards, though they can grow to the size of a komodo dragon if well fed. Reptrox are able to subsistence on anything even inorganic matter, like synthetic cloth.

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