Replicator Plant
General Information
Homeworld Preplanis
Body Type Vegetable
Diet Deutronium
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Racial Abilities Replication of matter
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe Lost in Space

The Replicator Plants are a strange vegetable life form on the planet Preplanis which looks like a giant mobile cyclamen. They have the curious habit of swallowing any object left near their vicinity, and the peculiar ability to create a superficially identical copy of said object made out of vegetable matter.


This species feeds on deutronium, which exists in subterranean reserves in the planet, and are capable of growing to huge sizes in a matter of a few hours when they have a good supply of food available. They are also capable of duplicating objects, living creatures and even sapient beings, such as Humans; creating essentially clones of the latter. However, these copies are still made of fragile vegetable matter and therefore likely to be short-lived. The Replicator Plants are vulnerable to cold temperatures and will die quickly below 44 degrees Fahrenheit (~ 6.7°C). After the destruction of Preplanis, it's safe to assume that this species is probably extinct.


  • Lost in Space, s01e14, "Attack of the Monster Plants" (1965)
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