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Reo Concept.jpg
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Habitation Brinstar
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

A Zebesian Reo. A Reo (also spelled Rio on some occasions) are a relatively powerful, insectoid found mainly within the confines of Brinstar on the former planet Zebes. They will fly back and forth, patrolling their territories until something large and what they consider threatening comes along, at which point they will perform swooping dives with their talons in an attempt to cause the threat to flee. They will give chase for larger distances than they generally patrol.

With the complete destruction of the planet Zebes, the Reos are considered to be extinct in the wild. However, they were found on board the Bottle Ship where they reside in Fly Pods and on board the B.S.L. Research Station where they were infected by X Parasites.


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  • Metroid: Zero Mission
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