The Remans are a sapient species native to the tidally-locked planet Remus, located in the Romulan star system along with its twin planet Romulus. As a race they have been subjugated by the space-faring Romulans and treated as lower citizens of the Romulan Star Empire.


Remans are gaunt-looking hairless humanoids with pale skin, sunken eyes, pointed ears and sharp teeth. Having evolved in a tidally-locked world, they inhabit the dark side of Remus (as the temperatures on the bright side are too hot) and thus have a natural aversion towards bright lights. They're a physically powerful species, naturally fit for war and combat. They have also demonstrated psychic abilities that allow them to invade the minds of other beings from distance.

Culture and societyEdit

At some point after the rise of the Romulan race (who evolved from Vulcan settlers), the Remans were conquered by the Romulans and employed as a labour force to mine for dilithium, which exists in abundance on Remus. Being a warrior race, they were also employed as soldiers, including during the Dominion War.

Remans are treated as second-class citizens by their masters and, due in part to their sensitivity to light, are rarely seen aboard Romulan ships and seem to operate their own. Their language is described as a complex one, and they use pictographs to represent verb roots.

It's not known what happened to them after the Romulan sun exploded in 2387, destroying Romulus and presumably Remus as well.


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  • The origins of the Reman species are not clear. Curiously, they seem to possess some features in common with Vulcans, such as the pointed ears and mind powers. It's possible to speculate that interbreeding between the Romulans' Vulcan ancestors and the native Remans may have resulted in modern Remans having developed Vulcan-like features, as well as many modern Romulans possessing cranial ridges which the original Vulcans lack.
  • The fact that Remans have been employed as soldiers by the Romulans could go a long way towards explaining one of the unanswered questions of Star Trek history: that during the entirety of the Earth-Romulan War no human has ever laid eyes on a Romulan soldier, and the Romulans' physical appearance was completely unknown to the Federation prior to 2266.
  • The Remans' design was intentionally inspired by the vampire Count Orlok from the 1922 German film Nosferatu.
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