The Regulators are an intergalactic police force in Joyride.

Background Edit

The Regulators are charged in maintaining order throughout the galaxy, sometimes with extreme measures. They are organization of conformists and are highly militarized, its officers being fanatical in their duties.

They regulate worlds that become part of the galactic community offering peace and friendship, however should their offer be turned down in aggression, the Regulators are more than willing to exterminate an entire civilization in the name of keeping the galaxy pure. They seem themselves as the immune system of the galaxy, regulating society to prevent incursions from extra dimensional threats, deviants and sometimes rogue worlds. Should any target become too dangerous they cauterize the threat to prevent it from infecting galactic community as a whole. They are led by an individual called the Regularix.

Despite their belligerence they do adhere so some ancient laws involving the Wanders.

Sources Edit

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