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General Information
Scientific name Unknown
Homeworld Reetalia
Habitat Anywhere
Height 5ft-6ft
Diet unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stargate Universe

The Reetou are a peaceful insectoid race from the Stargate Universe and are native to the Milky Way galaxy. However, their material universe is out of phase with most other races' by a degree of 180, making them invisible and immune to projectile based weapons. They are only vulnerable to multi-phasic energy weapons.


The Reetou have bombs that can deliver a payload similar to that of a nuclear warhead, they have energy based weapons that seem to be surgically attached to their arms, they have fairly advanced cloning and biological technology, at least enough to successfully grow a human child.


The Reetou are insect like beings that have two red eyes on stalks sticking out of the head. They have a hard exoskeleton that can shake off projectile weapons when in our phase, but is no match for energy weapons. They have six legs and have an abdomen at the back of there bodies. When the Reetou are near a Goa'uld they make it feel agitated.

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