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Red Spark was a daikaiju used by the Garoga to try and destroy Zone Fighter and his family - the only survivors from the planet known as Peaceland - before the Garoga would then take over Earth. Red Spark itself was created by three Garogas (one gold and two silver) fusing together into one monster.

For his powers, Red Spark had several sharp tendrils on his hands for slashing at his opponent, as well as been able to shoot off thousands of singeing flares from its hands. Finally, the monster had a large cannon mounted in its chest.

Information[edit | edit source]

Following the destruction of the planet known as Peaceland by the Garoga Empire, one family - the Zone family - did escape the destruction of their world and landed in Japan on Earth. Settling to their new home and renaming themselves the Sakimori family, the group of aliens began a new and peaceful life.

However, the Garoga soon set their sights on Earth and, after putting their satellite into orbit near the planet, learned of the family's survival - sending a trio of spies to eliminate them. The Zone family were soon ambushed by the trio and were held captive. However, the family's three children - Hikaru, Hontaru and Akira - transformed into Zone Fighter, Zone Angel and Zone Junior respectively before fighting their captors.

Beaten back and cornered, the trio of Garoga resorted to a new tactic. Fusing together, they transformed into the giant monster known as Red Spark. Wasting no time himself, Hikaru (Zone Fighter) further transforms into his own giant form and battles the monster. Attacking quickly with a flurry of kicks and punches, Zone Fighter gained the upper hand early. However, Red Spark retaliated by both firing thousands of singeing flares from its hands and using his chest cannon on the alien hero. Red Spark successfully drove Zone Fighter into an oil refinery and attempt to kill him with the explosion.

The explosion wasn't enough, however, as Zone Fighter rose up from the flames and activated his Meteor Missile Might - activating bracelets on his wrists that launched numerous missile bursts. The Meteor Missiles worked - blasting Red Spark apart with his flaming carcass falling to the ground. However, Red Spark had simply been a way to buy the Garoga more time as they unleashed a Terro-beast missile from their satellite - releasing another new foe for the alien superhero; the magnetic monster Jikiro!

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Zone Fighter: Episode 1 - Destroy the Terro-Beast Missile! (TV Episode)

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