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A Reaver is a large flying creature utilized by the Locust Horde as a gunship and a transport.


Landed Reaver


The Reaver's body structure and resulting function is complex, especially in the matters of how it is able to fly. The Reaver's raptor-like head is small in comparison to its large body, which is very tough. It has several tentacles in the back which probably act as the Reaver's flying limbs. There are also two small, hook-shaped limbs on the Reaver's "belly" that appear to be vestigial, though they may help the Reaver cling onto objects for easier landing. The tentacles are powerful, and Reavers can attack with them as well. How the Reavers fly is unknown.

It has the following weaponry

  • Missile Laucher
  • Machine Gun
  • Tentacles (For melee use)


A unique subspecies of the Reaver is the Hydra, seen in the ending cutscene of Gears of War and during Gears


The Hydra, a subspecies of Reaver

of War 2, being ridden by Skorge . Its general body shape and ability to fly is similar to that of the regular Reaver.