Alien Species
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A Reaper.

The Reaper, a vicious alien predator, is a terror unit that is found in the company of the Floater. It is a bipedal carnivorous beast that prowls the streets of a besieged suburban town while their Floater masters watch over the terror site from high above. The Reaper is built to withstand ample punishment from early X-COM weapons, being somewhat resistant to armor-piercing damage, and can survive serious injury due to having two "brains" and two "hearts". When faced with advanced weapons, like a laser or plasma weapon, it is easily dispatched.

It wears a metal harness that appears to be some sort of armor, and it attacks by rending an enemy with its sharp teeth and crushing jaws. Besides being easily killed by energy weapons, its furry coat is highly flammable, making incendiary cannon shells and rockets highly effective. Another weakness is that the Reaper takes up four tiles, making it unable to enter a building that does not have a hole in the wall that is two spaces wide. And like all units with melee attacks, it cannot attack flying units.