Reapers are aggressive, bipedal, reptilian like sapients. Some Reapers serve the Slademan by the name of Gleemon Vox in his underground combat sport Holovision show, DreadZone, where they fight as gladiators.

A pair of Reapers serving as gladiators for DreadZone on planet Maraxus.


Reapers are extremely muscular like sapients, with a dozen shark spikes on their back. These spikes can be launched forward to attack foes, and a Reaper can quickly grow new spikes on their back.

Reapers have sharp claws on their hands, which can slash foes at close range.

Reapers have heads similar to that of a crocodiles, except its squat and does not stretch forward like of Earth crocodiles. These mouths can allow a Reaper to let loose highly toxic vomit upon foes, which causes serious damage to enemies.

Typically a Reaper is about the size of a gorilla, but some Reapers can grow as big as an elephant.

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