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Reapers are a sapient alien species of humanoids with green hairless skin, blank eyes, sharp fangs and long tongues. Their most notable feature is that they're somehow able to eat live facehuggers and consider them a delicacy, suffering no ill effects from the creature's extremely corrosive body fluids. They will even risk their own lives to collect eggs and sell them in their markets.


  • Aliens: Reapers (1991)


  • The reason the Reapers are not affected by the facehugger's acid blood could have to do with Xenomorphs born from Reaper hosts having a different fluidic composition, or the Reapers having acid blood themselves. Alternatively, it's possible that they may have bred Xenomorphs with less acidic fluids, but in that case they were either unable or unwilling to domesticate them, as the specimens are still extremely hostile, and some Reapers are killed while trying to harvest the eggs.

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