Alien Species

Small reptiles from Razorium with the ability to retract their spikes and blades into their bodies. They are dangerous and feast on anything they can shred, cut, slice and rip part.


Razorium Lizards are very energitic reptiles with a big tempter and will beserk when angered, they only live pair when a male and female like each other.


They look like Earth-like lizards when calm and relaxed. Enrage one, they become living spinning, bladed, spiked and shredding weapons of destruction.

Reptoslicer (Enrage)


They are multi-color race and only one pigment like blue, green, yellow, orange and etc.. All of them have yellow eyes and red pupils.

Gender Difference[]

The males have the most longer and sharper bladed and spikes on their bodies.

The females spikes and blades are smaller, they most protective of the race.

Razorium Lizards


Hostile towards unfamiliar creatures or sentient beings who cause harm to them. But, friendly towards those gain their trust and useful for slicing and cutting food, trees, solid stones, etc.. Bit of mischievous reptilian species with a sense dark humor.


Reptoslicer is the only one of his kind to be created on Earth.


  • Reptoslicer is the only genetic Razorium Lizard created by Bling Bling Boy's scientist.
  • They were only mention when Dark Vegan encounter Reptoslicer and address it to Johnny Test and Dukey.
  • Despite their sizes, they very well feared and dangerous because they are living weapons and tools.