Raveners are one of the many assault specialist organisms found in the Tyranid army. Utilizing their ability to tunnel underground, the Ravener can burst from the ground underneath their foes, launching frightening surprise assaults. They can also use their great speed to quickly move across the battlefield, engaging their foes in close combat, where they excel.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like most other Tyranids, Raveners have six limbs. One pair of these are large scythe-like claws which they use for tunneling, a second pair will be similar scythe claws or smaller claws useful for tearing apart armored foes. The last pair of limbs are sometimes used to carry ranged weapons such as devourers though otherwise have no special function. Rather than move on legs, as most other Tyranids do, the Raveners rely on their long, snakelike tail to move at high speed across the battlefield. Some Raveners are seen wielding the typical bio-weaponry of the Tyranids. Rather than carry these in their claws, as other Tyranids normally do, Raveners have evolved the ability to carry their weapons in their thorax, keeping their claws free for digging or killing.

Raveners lack the adaptability and "synapse" of the Tyranid Warriors, whom they are believed to be a mutation of. Nethertheless, Raveners are still formidable foes. Unlike the heavy assault organisms, such as the Carnifex, Raveners are less durable, and are unable to survive heavy weapons fire. However, this can be somewhat mitigated by the presence of synapse creatures. Their incredible senses were once believed to be unable to comprehend motionless targets, a theory quickly disproved in a terrible battle where an Imperial Magos Biologis ordered all his men to stay still in the face of a Ravener attack.

Biomorphs[edit | edit source]

  • Scything Talons - Long razor-edged claws used by the Ravener for combat and digging.
  • Devourer - Tyranid ranged biomorph that lauches thousands of Flesh-Worms. These worms will burrow into a victim's skin, then make their way towards the central nervous system, eating the person's insides as they go.
  • Deathspitter - Tyranid ranged biomorph that lauches corrosive maggots. These maggots explode on contact, releasing a powerful acid able to chew through Space Marine power armour within minutes
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