Alien Species
"To the Ravagers, mankind might just be bugs... that get in their way of spreading giant bugs!"
Earth Defense Force 2025

The Ravagers are a vicious race of planet eradicators who employ bio-engineered gigantic arthropods as well as robots and ships to wipe out entire worlds. Whether or not they are the ships is unknown.

Bio-Weaponry: Buggernauts[]

The Ravagers are known for using giant, bio-engineered arthropods, reptilians, robots, cyborgs, and starships to battle their foes. With this being said, the true appearance of the Ravagers is currently unknown.



  • Giant Ant (Global Defense Force / Invaders From Planet Space)
  • Black Terror Ant (2017, 2025, Shadow of New Despair)
  • Red Terror Ant (2017, 2025, Shadow of New Despair)
  • Black Ant (Insect Armageddon)
  • Ravager Ant (Insect Armageddon)
  • Queen Terror Ant (Immature) (2017)
  • Queen Terror Ant (Mature) (2017, 2025, Shadow of New Despair)
  • Queen Ant (Insect Armageddon)

A Black Terror Ant.

These are the weakest members of The Ravagers' forces, but their strength comes in numbers. They are an advanced biomech technology that has been made to mimic the ecology and bodily structure of giant ants. The Ravagers are able to deploy these anywhere, almost instantly, making for a very effective surprise attack. They can crush their prey with powerful mandibles or spray acid that eats away at its victim's armor and skin. This acidic substance is being analyzed at EDF headquarters. The Red Terror Ants are more powerful than their black cousins because they are able to take far more damage.

Terror Ants are particularly vulnerable to close range fire from shotguns, assault rifles, and flamethrowers. Grenades don't work to badly against them either.

The Queens rule the Terror Ants, and are capable of spreading massive 'acidic winds' in their general vicinity with their wings. Although they are indeed winged, they do not appear to be capable of flight.

Terror Ants are birthed by large, winged Queens, and like the Assault Spiders, live in huge underground hives, which are surprisingly warmer than one might expect.

Terror Ants of all types are capable of scaling walls, and will do so with gusto if given the chance.



  • Bau (Global Defense Force / Invaders From Planet Space)
  • Assault Spider (2017, 2025, Shadow of New Despair)
  • Large Spider (2017)
  • King Spider (2017, 2025, Shadow of New Despair)
  • Wolf Spider (Insect Armageddon)
  • Ticker (Insect Armageddon)
  • Bomber Spider (Insect Armageddon)
  • Retiarius (2025, Shadow of New Despair)

An Japanese Assault Spider.

The Ravager's Assault Spiders were engineered to be high-flying, silk-spinning death machines. They can leap several city blocks in a single jump and their spinnerets produce a sticky, acidic thread that is easily capable of plucking a jet or helicopter from the sky. The silk thread is also effective against ground units because it slows them down on contact.

EDF forces must destroy the source of the thread to break free from its crippling grasp. Assault rifles or rocket launchers are great for taking them down before they get within webbing range.

Assault Spiders have been seen to appear different on different continents, indicating that they are evolved from local specimens. Other species of Spiders have also been used to produce alternate spider classes, with wolf spiders producing America's equivalent to Assault Spiders, happy face spiders to create Tickers, garden spiders to produce the massive Bomber Spiders, and hojo spiders to create Retiarius.



  • Wasp
  • Ravager Wasp

The Wasps emerged during 2017, but were only noted appearing on the North American front. Like their non-flying compatriots, Wasps can crawl out of Anthills and be released by Carriers. They were not seen to be released by the supercarriers known as Daddy Long Legs. They first appeared during Operation Ditchslap, where Strike Force Lightning encountered them. Outside of flight, the Wasps can also spray acid from their abdomen similar to a Black Ant.

Later on, the North American Ravagers figure out a way to cybernetically enhance their Buggernauts (a task never seen in those seen in Japan), creating the Ravager Wasp. Ravager Wasps are notably faster than their earlier iterations and now are enhanced to fire focused lasers from their stinger. Like Ravager Spiders, Ravager Wasps can pick up cars along the sides of the road to toss at their targets.



  • Hornet
  • Death Queen
  • Red Hornet
  • Red Death Queen

The Hornets were first witnessed emerging during 2025. They emerge from huge nests located in the hillsides far from Human civilization, but also infest the subterranean tunnels of lesser insects, where their Death Queens are known to reside. Both types of Hornets spray a large number of giant stingers, which, due to their attacking in swarms can easily become a death trap for ground troops. A Death Queen's stingers are so enormous that they will send any victims flying as if struck with Hector artillery.

Praying Mantis[]

The Praying Mantis only starred in Insect Armageddon and never appeared as an organic life-form. They look similar to a praying mantis, apart from being robotic. They use the jagged appendages at the front of their body to slice at their enemy. They can also use them to fire bright green plasma projectiles at enemies.


Dragons are a fearsome enemy, striking fear into any who face them. They are said to be the final evolution of the giant insects, though how they evolved from arthropod to a reptile is never explained. They are green with a purple underbelly with 2 wings and back legs and pink horns from their head. They have 2 mutant species, instead of green they are yellow and red.

Greater Wild Dragon[]

An enormous variant of the regular dragons, possessing massive firepower, long-lasting flames and an infinite amount of flying. It is also very fast for it's size and differs greatly from the regular dragons, most obviously in appearance.

Dragon Centipedes[]

Dozens of giant organisms make up the gestalt body of the massive Dragon Centipede, nicknamed the "Lord of the Earth". Through unknown means they can instigate a torrent of acid rain. Explosive weaponry will dislodge the various segments though they will continue to battle until all are eliminated.


Vallak Dino-mechs[]


A Vallak incinerates a number of poor civilians.

A truly awe-inspiring sight. This enormous, dinosaur-like creature has been outfitted with powerful armor that gives it substantial protection from normal weapons. Despite its massive size, this creature can still move with alarming speed. It is capable of destroying massive areas with its fire breath and a devastating smash attack that can level buildings.

No matter what weapons the EDF employs against the giant Dino-Mechs, they seem to soak up the damage. A popular EDF tactic is to try and flank the creature with a vehicle while ground forces draw its fire.

Vallaks stand approximately 120ft (40m) tall.



The Unknown Dino-Mech. Why it's "unknown" is beyond me.

While similar in appearance to the Dino-Mech, this unknown creature appears to have been biomechanically altered by The Ravagers. Heavier armor has been added to protect the beast's soft spots and its arms have been removed to make room for two massive laser cutting cannons. Tearing through buildings, bridges, and even the heavily armored E551 Gigantes tank is quick work for this massive creature.

Just like the Dino-Mechs, the unknown creature can take massive amounts of damage of all types. EDF forces must stay highly mobile and try to attack the unknown creature from behind to avoid its attacks.

It is easy to assume that the Unknown is one of the dead Vallaks who was resuscitated and then cybernetically enhanced with pieces left over from the destroyed Quadruped Fortress.

Solas / Saurous[]

The Solas, also known as the Saurous, were the first true evolution of the Vallaks, appearing in 2019. Although they are roughly the same height as the Vallak and physically look tame by comparison, they are notably more robust, especially in the legs. They are officially deemed to be the same species as the Vallak, as they are mentioned as having become infamous for the devastation they wrought during the 2017 war.

They continue to possess their fiery breath, and due to their size any EDF soldier must avoid getting trampled.


This colossal beast only appears in Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair. Erginus is said to have been 50 meters tall and it's strength is certainly in proportion with its size. It can move very quickly for a beast that big and resembles Godzilla in many ways. It even breathes electricity to damage it's foes sometimes.

Bio-Weaponry: Robots[]

Ravager Gunships[]


  • Gunships
  • Elite Gunships (referred to as "Reds" by 2025)

A Ravager Gunship.

These are the staple of The Ravager's mechanized forces. These flying nuisances emerge from The Ravager's giant Quadrupedal Fortesses as well as the Mothership itself. While they are not particularly agile, they can maneuver at moderate speeds, giving them an easy way to aim their powerful diffusion lasers at their targets from above. Once locked on, these laser cannons can rip less-fortunate ground based enemies to pieces.

The red Elite Ravager Gunships are far more deadly than their silver counterparts because they deal far more damage and have much thicker armor.

Ravager Gunships are particularly vulnerable to heat-seeking missiles and assault rifle fire, and even Elite Gunships are sitting ducks to certain turrets such as the ZER-Gun.

There is no evidence to support the idea that these ships are piloted, and they are probably another biomech like the rest of The Ravager technology appears to be.

Ravager Flying Saucers[]


  • Small UFOs
  • Large UFOs

These massive transport ships are often seen hovering ominously over cities where havoc is being unleashed below. Their underside has a hatch that opens to release Terror Ants, Assault Spiders, or even Walking Arms.

They are invulnerable to all types of fire. EDF rocket launcher squads and snipers are usually dispatched to deal with flying saucers, looking for an opportune moment to attack their weak spot.

It is unknown how many biomech foes a flying saucer can transport, although larger saucers are required for transportation of bigger weapons, such as the Large Hectors. These larger UFOs are also more durable, possibly a necessity considering the more powerful payload they tend to carry.

"Hector" Walking-Arms[]


A pair of Hectors take on Storm 1.


  • Large Hectors
  • Small Hectors
  • Hector Mk I
  • Hector Mk II
  • Bombardment Hectors

These giant bipedal robots, nicknamed "Hectors" by the EDF forces, can lay waste to entire cities from several kilometers away. It is equipped with a pair of lethal arm weapons that come in three varieties. The first is a plasma based Gatling gun that has an extremely high rate of fire. The second is an artillery arm that is capable of lobbing explosive plasma orbs at great distances. Hectors equipped with artillery plasma cannons for both arms are specifically referred to as Bombardment Hectors. The third is a short-range and weaker, but rapid fire variety of the artillery arm that shoots red energy instead. It is often seen with the Gatling weapon.

Because of the Walking Arm's height, they are somewhat unstable. Hitting them with a rapid fire assault rifle is a popular EDF tactic to give them time to close the distance and make it possible to employ heavier weapons.

Although initial Hectors were large and seemingly cumbersome, smaller versions were later employed that could be deployed out of Small Flying Saucers. Although smaller and somewhat faster, they were also weaker, and were more easy to take down.


Deroys are large, tripodal walkers dropped from Earth Eaters. They have a plasma battery on the top of their main body, and laser turrets on their legs, as well as sharp spear-like feet which they attack nearby foes with. They can only be reliably destroyed by destroying the weak, individual leg segments until it has sustained too much damage.

Quadruped Fortresses[]


A Quadruped Fortress.

Possibly the most devastating ground-based vehicle in The Ravagers' armament. This giant walking fortress is equipped with lasers for close range defense and 2 plasma cannons that are 150 meters long. Its metallic hide is impervious to all types of fire and it has an orange force field that acts as a barrier.

Like the Flying Saucer, the Quadruped Fortress transports other Ravager units to the front lines. But like the flying saucer, it also has a weak point that exposes itself. This spot has to be targeted with something accurate and powerful, like a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher.

In 2025 Fortresses return and serve the same purpose they had served before. However, after Whale destroyed one in Japan via airstrike bombardment they were equipped with forcefields that forced them to be destroyed only by ground forces once again as they were in 2017.



The Massive Mothership.

Like the rest of The Ravager fleet, the Mothership, too is a biomech. Although any possibly-existing organic components are not visible on the ship, it does in fact breathe, which it uses to charge its weapon systems, as well as sleep.

"Her" weapon systems, when she opts to use them, are extremely devastating, as well as incredibly intimidating. Like other fortresses such as the UFOs and the Quadruped Fortress, the Mothership can deploy biomech units.

In 2025 hundreds of Motherships invade the planet Earth, and are discovered not to be the de facto leader(s) of the Ravager armies.

Earth Eater[]

In 2025, Earth Eaters were deployed to cover the Earth's entire sky. They are massive hexagonal constructs, with many carrying Deroys or Flying Drones, or having turret batteries on the underside. Red Earth Eaters are the only ones which can currently be destroyed (or Earth Eaters which transport Deroys or Drones, when they open up their hatch), and are command centers for nearby Earth Eaters.

The Brain[]

The Brain is planetary leader of Ravager forces. It is a monolithic superstructure with thick armor covering the bottom, and is designed to interlock with other Earth Eaters to cover it's top from nearby ground forces. Aside from it's armor, it has no defenses.

Known History[]

  • 2013: The Earth discovered a message from another stellar system, which they deciphered to discover a meaning: they would soon have visitors. Although nearly the entire populace of Earth became excited at the upcoming arrival of an alien race, they should not have — this message was in truth a warning; a warning of the coming of the Ravagers.
  • 2015: Failing several times to contact the sources of the message, the Earth creates the Earth Defense Force as a contingency plan.
  • 2017: The Ravagers arrive on Earth, and are soon discovered to be malicious in intent as they attack and consume everything in their path.
  • 2018: The Ravagers are finally defeated with the destruction of their Mothership. Although more than a million souls lost their lives, the Earth was finally free of their tyranny. But would they return..? No one could be certain.
  • 2025: The Ravagers reveal themselves from subterranean hives, reinitializing their attempt at overtaking the Earth. Unlike previous invasion attempts, this one is supported by 10 motherships, making it more than ten times the threat of the invasion of 2017.

The Human-Ravager War of 2017[]

Below is the mission debriefings given to the Earth Defense Force in 2017, describing how the war played out.

  1. Arrival: An extraterrestrial spaceship has appeared above the city. The alien force is so large in number that it covers the entire sky. Negotiations are currently underway, but in case of an emergency, all Ranger Teams and Storm Teams are to report to their designated posts.
  2. Invasion: The city is in a state of panic because of the sudden appearance of giant insects. All available Ranger Teams and Storm Teams are to report to the scene at once. You must protect the civilians from the bugs. At this time, we do not know the relationship between The Ravagers and these giant bugs, but we are gathering data as quickly as possible.
  3. Melee: There are still a large number of bugs throughout the city. The Ranger Teams are continuing to carry on the fight. All deployable troops are to enter combat at once.
  4. Landing: The giant bugs continue to be deployed throughout the city. They are attacking civilians and eating them. This threat needs to be eliminated at all costs. Storm 1 and 2 are to go into battle at once and support the Ranger Teams that are already engaged in combat.
  5. Search: From the EDF Commander Center: "We regret to inform you that we have no choice but to officially recognize the Ravagers as a full invasion force." An assault on the Ravagers will begin at once. Air forces around the world will team up to perform a joint strike on their spacecraft fleet. Meanwhile, ground infantry units are to seek out and eliminate the giant bugs on the ground.
  6. Airforce: The joint air force has been annihilated by the gunships. Air supremacy is now in the hands of the enemy. The enemy mothership continues above the city, launching a fleet of gunships. The city will be destroyed unless they are stopped at once. Attack the gunships and give the civilians time to evacuate.
  7. Takedown: The Ravagers' large UFOs are deploying giant bugs around the globe. It appears these UFOs act as something like aircraft carriers. If we don't stop the UFOs, the giant bugs will continue to cause more damage. These UFOs need to be taken down at once.
  8. Mobilization: The UFOs have been successfully destroyed, but the remaining bugs need to be eliminated. However, there are reports of more UFOs heading this way. Despite having taken down the last fleet, it's clear that they still pose a considerable threat. If the reports are correct, you are to join the Ranger Teams in battle and combine your forces.
  9. Tsugawa: We have reports of a new type of Ravager soldier, dubbed Walking Arms. They look like giant shiny silver robots. They are currently assembling at the Tsugawa Inlet and Senjogahara. We will split into two units and attack them at both locations. Storm 1 is to take part in the Tsugawa Inlet defense. The enemy is to be destroyed before they reach Japanese soil. Storm 1 and 5 will be our assault teams.
  10. Arms: The enemy was successfully prevented from landing ashore at the Tsugawa Inlet. However, our defense forces at Senjogahara were destroyed. A large army of Walking Arms are about to invade the city. The city is in danger. All deployable troops are to converge on the city and intercept the enemy.
  11. Infiltration: We've got some terrible news. The giant bugs have begun to build an underground nest. If they begin to reproduce, this planet will be overrun by those bugs. The nest needs to be destroyed at once. We will infiltrate this nest and eliminate the giant bugs from within.
  12. Reinforcement: The Ravagers' UFOs are deploying a new type of giant bug. They need to be destroyed before the situation gets out of hand. The Ranger Teams are already engaged in combat. Reinforce them immediately.
  13. Retaliation: The UFOs are continuing to deploy giant spiders. They've caused much destruction in the city. These creatures are extremely deadly in battle and the Ranger Teams are having a tough time fighting them. You are to go and aid them in battle.
  14. Fortress: We have an urgent report from our intel center. The mothership that was floating over the Atlantic Ocean has changed course and is now heading for Japan. We're gathering the finest men from the Storm Teams to intercept it. Scout 4 is on their way there as well.
  15. Blockade: The walking fortress is heading for Tokyo. If we don't stop it here and now, its plasma cannons will destroy the entire metropolitan area. We need to deploy immediately, but there aren't many troops on standby. Having said that, there are several teams that are currently heading for this area.
  16. Multiplication: The assault on the walking fortress was a failure. Also, some new intel just came in and the situation keeps getting worse. Giant bugs have been spotted outside eastern Japan and it appears they are coming from beneath the ground. Several bugs have been seen emerging from these holes. The holes need to be blown up to prevent the damage from spreading any further.
  17. Nesting: More bad news. It appears the giant bug nests extend into an underground network. The bugs have begun to reproduce within this nest. It's only a matter of time before they take over the planet. Their nest needs to be destroyed at once. We know that entering this nest to combat the bugs is a dangerous mission, but this is all we can do to combat this new threat.
  18. Dino-mech: A gigantic alien creature has been spotted! From the looks of it, it's about 120 feet tall. All units are ordered to combine their forces and take down this monster.
  19. Umbra: Several large UFOs have been spotted deploying giant bugs in the mountains. Now that we know these bugs build nests, we cannot afford to leave them be. You are ordered to go up into the mountains and destroy those UFOs.
  20. Artillery: An army of Hector Walking Arms is advancing. According to our intel, they are a new type equipped with plasma cannons, possibly a support artillery unit. They are reducing everything in their path to rubble. They cannot be allowed to cause any further destruction. You are to head out immediately and destroy them.
  21. Crimson: A large number of giant bugs have been spotted along the coast. They are a much tougher species than the ones you've encountered so far. Work with the Ranger Teams to eliminate this new threat.
  22. Trapped: The giant bugs were successfully defeated, but on their way back, the teams were ambushed. Our Ranger Teams have been destroyed and surviving Storm Team members are stranded in the mountains, surrounded by enemies. With no way to rescue them, it's only a matter of time until even Storm 1's amazing luck runs out.
  23. Expansion: Holes leading to the aliens' underground nest have been discovered inside the city. Giant bugs are pouring out of them. It appears the nest has expanded over time and now extends as far as the city. You are to head out there at once and take out those holes.
  • Interception: Coming Soon
  • Descent 1: Coming Soon
  • Descent 2: Coming Soon
  • Descent 3: Coming Soon
  • Descent 4: Coming Soon
  • Assault: Coming Soon
  • Anchored: Coming Soon
  • Advance: Coming Soon
  • March: Coming Soon
  • Surprise: Coming Soon
  • Breach: Coming Soon
  • Sweep: Coming Soon
  • Thunder: Coming Soon
  • Eruption: Coming Soon
  • Surrounded: Coming Soon
  • Legion: Coming Soon
  • Return: Coming Soon
  • Occupation: Coming Soon
  • King: Coming Soon
  • Spearhead: Coming Soon
  • Extermination 1: Coming Soon
  • Extermination 2: Coming Soon
  • Extermination 3: Coming Soon
  • Uprising: Coming Soon
  • Wrath: Coming Soon
  • Elite: Coming Soon
  • Unknown: Coming Soon
  • Convergence: Coming Soon
  • Inferno: Coming Soon
  • Starship: The mothership has finally shown its true form. It appears it is intent on destroying us and putting an end to our existence. There is nowhere to run. We will gather our remaining troops and conduct one final assault on the mothership.

The Insect Armageddon[]

The insect armageddon was a second, lesser invasion at some point in time, spanning only 3 known locales (Tokyo, New Detroit, and another unnamed city), However, some new prototypes were employed:





Dropship v2's

Heavy Dropship v2's

Dreadnaught/Mothership v2

Hector v2's

Hector v2 Mark 2s


Poison Ant Queen

Whilst the ultimate outcome is uncertain, It is known that all three zones were lost to the Ravager assault.

The Human-Ravager Retaliation of 2025[]

Below is the mission debriefings given to the Earth Defense Force in 2025, describing how the war played out.

  1. Reconvene: Emergency dispatch request. We have reports of "huge bug" sightings. Probably a prank after so many years, but I want you to check the location.
  2. Spreading Disaster: Dispatch request from the civilians. A huge monster has appeared in the city. Be careful, it spits a powerful acid that can cause serious damage. Head out there and good luck.
  3. Winged War Goddess: A gigantic alien creature has appeared in the residential area. You must protect the civilians!
  4. Setting Sun: We've lost communication with the Wing Diver team. Head to their last location and support the Wing Divers.
  5. Wind Break: Emergency support request. The Wing Diver team is engaged with a very strong enemy and is taking heavy casualties. Their engagement location is not far from here. You are to head out immediately, destroy the monsters and rescue the surviving Wing Divers.
  6. Underground Cave: A giant bug nest has spread out under the city. We cannot allow it to remain intact! We will now start to infiltrate and report to the local Ranger team for further instructions.
  7. Eruption: Emergency support request. Giant spiders have emerged from underground. They've invaded the city and are attacking citizens. These are a formidable enemy and there are a great many of them. The Air Raiders are taking point. Air Raiders, move out!
  8. Retaliation: Ranger team is fighting a gigantic creature in the residential area. Head out and support.
  9. Beach Fear: Dispatch request to the port area. A Retiarius has been spotted. You're to go investigate.
  10. The Return: Destroy the giant creature in the city! A Ravager mothership is approaching the area and will be engaged by our Air Force. Ground troops, focus on the creature.
  11. Air Force: The mothership is launching flying drones. These drones are automatic weapons that appear to be targeting people. They are terrifying slaughter machines which never tire. They must be stopped before they eliminate all the citizens!
  12. Day of the Demons: Ravager transport ships are flying over the city. They must intend to drop more aliens on the population. Head out and protect the civilians from attack.
  13. Takedown: The enemy transport ships are continuing their drops and causing more damage. Our aircraft haven't made a dent due to the transport ship's thick armor. But intel may have a solution. We must attack when they make their drops, through the open hatch and destroy it from the inside. The hatch is only accessible from the ground, so it's up to you. Equip with long-range weapons and move out.
  14. Preventing Landfall: We have confirmation that the mothership is travelling offshore. The mothership has dropped several Hectors, a walking battle troop, and they are attempting to make landfall. We'll set up a shore defense and coordinate with aerial troops for support from the air.
  15. Land Collapse: The aliens are digging tunnels to move under the city. A tunnel entrance has been confirmed in the city. Alien monsters have been emerging from it and soon the city will be overrun! We need to destroy the tunnel entrance and stop any more of those filthy creatures from emerging. You are to go to the location.
  16. Fortress Siege: The Ravagers have begun a serious offensive. They've begun simultaneous attacks in several areas, an they're using a giant walking fortress, 200 meters long. It is formidable, with weapons bristling on its gigantic frame. The attack aircraft Midnight has been dispatched to destroy it. We are to attack the fortress' legs, and then defeat any remaining enemy forces. Ground forces, head out!
  17. Valley Shadows: We have confirmed sighting of a flying enemy transport ship. We will deploy in the mountain region where you'll rendezvous with Ranger team. Make sure to equip long range weapons to attack the transport ships.
  18. Artillery: Hector troop variants, probably long-range support models, have started a ferocious assault. They're armed with plasma cannons. We have to stop the Hectors making landfall and destroy them. Good luck.
  19. Breaking Through: New walking-machine variants have reached the city. They continue to march unharmed despite multiple airstrikes. These machines have some sort of energy screen that blocks attacks. If we don't find a way to destroy their screens, we won't stand a chance. Ground troops are to attack the defensive screens and find a way to destroy the machines.
  20. Shining Stronghold: The Ravager transport ships have dropped something in the mountains. Intel has confirmed that it is a defensive screen. We are dispatching Fencers to the location. The Storm Team will provide support.
  21. Into the Depths: The giant bugs just keep coming. Things will only worsen as long as they have their nest. We need to strike them where they live. We will infiltrate the nest from the same point as last time, following the same route. When we are as deep as we can go, we will attack. We've no idea what to expect, so be careful.
  22. A Trap: The infiltration was a success. We were greatly outnumbered, so our casualties were high. The enemy is on familiar ground, which gives 'em the edge. Expect an attack the moment you step inside the nest. Try to use the terrain to your advantage.
  23. Giant Robots: The Ravager's combat troops, the Hectors, have invaded the city. They are currently engaged by Ranger team. However, Hector reinforcements have arrived and are flanking Ranger tea. Head out immediately and support the Ranger team.
  24. Anchored: The Ravager troops that attacked our defenses were under the mothership's command. Therefore, taking down the mothership wold strike a mighty blow. Currently the mothership is anchored at the coast with a group of transport ships. Approach from the ground and attack all ships in the area.
  25. Silver City: We have confirmed underground tunnel entrances in the city. Giant organisms are coming from them...but there is a Retiarius in the area. It has made a web and is waiting for attackers. It will be difficult but we must destroy the tunnel entrance to save the citizens.
  26. Crimson: We have confirmed a large number of giant aliens and we're leading them to an uninhabited part of the coast to contain the damage. Fencers will deploy to block the enemy and our snipers, already in place, will use that chance to exterminate them all. We want Storm Team to support.
  27. High-speed: High capacity flying drones called "Reds" have invaded the city. They seem further enhanced since our last encounter. Direct the three snipers stationed in the area and destroy the enemy.
  28. Brute Force: The Rangers are consolidating their forces. It is the first time a large enemy has gathered. We cannot even count the number of Hectors. However, this is good for us. We are ready. We will attack them straight on and crush them. The battle will be on the plains. The troops will fan out from zone 1 to 5. Storm Team will fight in zone 2. This is Operation Brute Force.
  29. Charge Phase 1: We succeeded in dealing a massive blow to the Ravagers. We must destroy the nests and exterminate the enemy before they can regroup. You enter the nests and find their queen. This will be a large-scale infiltration of their tunnels. The first phase will look for a route to the depths of the tunnels and secure it for troops to follow.
  30. Charge Phase 2: We have successfully infiltrated the nests. However, the deeper we go, the more intense the attacks. We have lost contact with almost half of our troops. The enemy has started acting in groups to flush out our troops and using traps to defeat our forces. Each squad needs to be careful and eliminate any enemy close to them.
  31. Charge Phase 3: We have arrived at the deepest part of the nest, so we enter the final stages of this operation. However, we have lost over half of our troops. The queen in somewhere in this area, surrounded by her minions. Storm Team is to link up with the Ranger team which is fighting to consolidate our strength and look for the queen.
  32. Thunder: A [sic] enemy mothership has invaded the city. She is formidable, but if we can shoot it down, the Ravagers will be dealt a great blow. The hopes of our allies across the world lie with this strategy and they have offered their support. The entire world has been attacked by the alien mothership fleet. We must destroy the mothership, but we'll have to deal with her escort. Focus on their defense squads first, then we can take down the mothership.
  33. Infiltration: The Retiarius have invaded the buildings. The Wing Divers launched an attack, but were forced to retreat. There are underground tunnels in the area and spider-like aliens have emerged from them. Nearby squads are hurrying to help. Support the Wing Divers.
  34. Convergence: Ravager transport ships are converging at the port. According to reports, there is a force of a scope unseen before. It is a sure sign that an all-out attack is imminent. We won't sit back and wait. We'll attack before they've gathered. This will be an extremely dangerous mission. Good luck.
  35. Inferno: The intensity of the Ravagers' invasions keeps increasing. We are being overwhelmed. This battle will the most difficult by far. The Ranger team has lost their commander from an enemy attack and are now in chaos. It's only a matter of time before they are destroyed. Go and offer them support immediately. Good luck Storm Team.
  36. Starship: Preparations for a coordinated global attack on the alien motherships are almost complete. The enemy's ships are powerful fortresses with massive firepower. There is no guarantee of victory and we'll all need to exercise caution. We will take the lead. We must shoot down the mothership. If we are successful, we will be praised throughout history. Now go and fight for all humanity!
  37. Dense: The alien mothership has been defeated. The coordinated attack resulted with two motherships defeated. The Ravagers will be in shock after this turn of events. However…since then the giant bugs have gone to nest and are multiplying. A tunnel entrance has been discovered in the port area. Although we have beaten back the Ravagers, we cannot rest until these evil spawn are destroyed. We will destroy the underground tunnels.
  38. Crossing: We have confirmed large enemy numbers emerging from tunnels in the mountain area. We must destroy them before the strike out. There appear to be three tunnel entrances. You can reach them by crossing the bridge from the mission start point. Be aware that Ravager combat troops are supporting the creatures. Before the bridge is sealed off, cross the valley and destroy the tunnel entrances.
  39. Search: The clean up operation will begin. Engage all enemies in the city. The expected arrival of a team has been delayed, so we will have to continue the attack with the Ranger team and Storm teams only.
  40. Waterside Bugs: Huge alien creatures have been confirmed along the river that runs through the city. They seem to have made several entrances to their tunnels by the river. You must hurry to the area and destroy the tunnels. Flying types have also been spotted in the area. Good luck.
  41. Annihilation: Attack the enemy transports seen in the mountain area.
  42. Natural Calamity: Engage the Ravagers' flying drones that have entered the city.
  43. Steel Beast: Earth Eaters have appeared over the city. Go and engage!
  44. Void Ship: We have confirmed a new Ravager transport ship. Compared to previous ships, this one is many times bigger. It can also hold a great deal of giant monsters. You are to proceed and engage immediately.
  45. Blue Fighters: A large Ravager transport ship is over the city, and is dropping Hectors. The report says that this is the same new type as that seen in Europe yesterday. The troops sent were defeated. It is protected by an electromagnetic shield, so it is not easy to defeat. Good luck.
  46. Earth Defenders: We have confirmed that the aliens are continuing to move. We'll mobilize and engage them in the mountains. The Ravagers have dropped Shield Bearers who are moving to defend the giant insects. That will make the insects very dangerous. Good luck.
  47. Mountain Pass Trap: We are attacking the insects gathered in the mountains. An attack squad was sent, but they were forced back with casualties. The Retiarius forms the hub of an enemy army making advance difficult. We'll send Air Forces, a cannon squad and transport units. The Air Raiders will coordinate with the support squads. Good luck.
  48. Fortress Frenzy: A new walking fortress attacked the city by surprise, with many citizens unable to evacuate, many were lost. We'll engage and give citizens time to escape…only ground troops stand between the fortress and the population's lives since our Air Forces are heavily depleted. This will be a decisive battle. We must destroy the four-legged walking fortress. Help buy some time.
  49. Pincer: Emergency report! A Hector squad has approached and there is a [sic] another to the rear! Hide in the valley! If you have to fight the Hectors with their shields equipped, attack areas not covered by their shields, like their left arms.
  50. Ravages of War: Since the flying models appeared, the giant insects have been more active, they've dug tunnels under the city and built more entrances. We've an emergency report from the city. They've confirmed the presence of a tunnel entrance. Go investigate.
  51. Air Mobilization: Ravager aerial squads are over the city, mostly flying drones, but several Reds confirmed. We will meet them with an attack. Deploy with anti-aircraft equipment.
  52. Bug Invasion: We have confirmed spider-type giant insects. A Wing Diver squad is already in battle but they're heavily outnumbered. The Wing Divers will be wiped out at this rate. Head to the location on a rescue mission.
  53. Transport Ship Surprise Attack: A large enemy transport is at the coast dropping giant insects. The transports are protected by numerous defense squads so a simple attack is not possible. Air Forces, cannons and transport units will deploy. The ground troops and Air Raiders will maintain contact with the support squads. Good luck.
  54. Bug King: The spider-type insects have infiltrated the city. It has created panic amongst the residents. Deploy and assist.
  55. Crazy Skies: The Earth Eaters are spreading across the globe, leaving charred cities in their wake. The damage is incalculable. We must face the fact that they will soon cover the world. Our civilization is on the brink…we must defeat these Earth Eaters. The battle has already started in many locations. We will attack the Earth Eaters in our area and wipe them out. Ground troops should attack the turrets and damage the Earth Eaters. Godspeed to all.
  56. The Fleet Below: Ravager transport ships in the mountain are making giant insect drops. The insects are heading for the city. If this problem is not solved, they will spread their terror far and wide. We will engage them straight away.
  57. Bad Premonition: The transport ships we shot managed to drop a large amount of insects, which are now in the city. We'll head to the city and conduct a search and destroy operation. If we eliminate the giant insects, the mission will be complete.
  58. City of Horror: A group of dragons is attacking the civilians. Deploy to the location on a rescue mission. The dragons have massive combat capability, far beyond that of the giant insects we've encountered. It is a formidable enemy but we'll not be deterred. Prepare to deploy!
  59. Mountains Ablaze: Ravager combat machines have been confirmed in the mountains and are protecting the dragon teams. We cannot allow their numbers to increase anymore. The enemy are concentrating their attacks on our base. The EDF has lost the majority of its force and we've lost contact with our squads. We are isolated and can't hope for support. We'll have to attack with only our ground troops.
  60. Breaking Through: A large number of Retiarius have surrounded the city with a web and it is becoming their nest. We have sent an assault squad to rescue the civilians who could not evacuate. I want Storm Team to support the assault team.
  61. Bug Tower: This is surprising info. We've confirmed a large number of enemies in the mountains with a kind of flying nest. Head out and investigate.
  62. Fortress Attack: We failed to destroy the walking fortress, so now we will attempt to change its route. It is currently nearing our defense area. This walking fortress is enhanced and its armor is too much even for our Grind Buster. We'll have to attack its weak point, which can only be done with ground troops. If we fail, the city will be destroyed. Also, the walking fortress has enhanced Hectors with particle stream cannons. Move out and good luck.
  63. Mountain Liberation: Giant insects are gathering in the mountains, over a wide area. A disturbing amount of them. We'll engage immeiately. Dragon-types are also confirmed. Good luck.
  64. Sniper Attack: Large transport ships are dropping drones. The Wing Divers aren't very effective against flying enemies. We'll destroy these giant transport ships from above. Storm Team should equip sniper rifles to destroy the transports. Deploy to the top of the buildings an a defense squad will cover you. Don't leave your station, even if you encounter resistance. If you are successful, we will drop a Wing Diver team. They will kill any remaining giant insects.
  65. Towering Beast: The Ravager's combat squads have invaded the city. They appear to be mixed squads of Deroys and Hectors. Go with the Ranger team and engage…We've just received new intelligence. It's an enhanced model of the Deroy, with longer legs and it is equipped with multiple laser cannons. First attack the legs, and then destroy the lasers.
  66. teeth of the Universe: A large transport ship has been confirmed and is dropping dragons. The Ravagers have the power to manipulate even these dragon-types. We have to act fast. This will be a dangerous mission, but I would like you to act immediately.
  67. Giant Ship: The Ravager's giant battleship is approaching the city. We must intercept it before it can cause countless damage. We will meet them with an attack.
  68. Spearhead: We have destroyed half of the giant insects that have collected in the mountains. However, intel reports that the Ravagers have dropped Shield Bearers. There is a shield screen protecting the giant insects. We will go to the mountains again and destroy the giant insects once and for all.
  69. Tower Siege: The damage from the flying giant insects is spreading. According to reports the flying insects are coming from the nests in the mountains. We need to make a stand. Move out and completely destroy the nests.
  70. Den of Thieves: The results were not as we anticipated. The tower is only part of the nest, the rest extends underground, so we must attack there too. The tower will be rebuilt and our chance to entirely destroy their nest will no longer be possible. This is our only chance. We will start our infiltration underground.
  71. Death Queen: We have arrived in the depths of the nest. The queen is somewhere in this area and may have evolved becoming even stronger. Intel has named her, Death Queen. Now that we're close it's time to make our attack. Good luck.
  72. Machine Squad: The large enemy transport ships are approaching from the coast and must plan to drop Deroys onto land. We must defeat them here. The only targets are the Deroys. Don't engage the large transport ships. The Deroys are too big now and their transport has become difficult. The ships seem to only be dropping smaller versions. However, even though they are small, they have multiple lasers on their legs. Good luck.
  73. Monster Party: The dragon swarm is approaching. I shudder at the numbers. We sent fighters to meet them, but they were wiped out in seconds… The dragons are approaching…
    We're the only ones who can defend the city.
  74. Labyrinth of Light: A large transport ship has arrived at the port. We attempted an attack, but the ship has seven shield screen generators to create a strong defense. We need to get past the shield screen and attack the large transport ship. The enemy's defense is an iron wall. Good luck.
  75. City Flaws: Intercept a large group of giant insects that have infiltrated the city. Our scout's [sic] gave confirmed the presence of flying insects in the group. Good luck.
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